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Bailleulmont Communal Cemetery

                   Pas de Calais

HeBailleulmont is a village 530 metres south of the main road from Arras to Doullens (N25).The Communal Cemetery is at the south-west end of the village, on the road to La Cauchie (D1); and in the east corner of it, to the right of the entrance, is a plot containing the graves of soldiers from the United Kingdom.

The graves in the British plot were made by Field Ambulances and fighting units in 1916-18.
There are now over 30, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. The cemetery is unusual in that the graves are marked by stones made Locharbriggs sandstone, rather than the more usual Portland stone.*

 Captain George Claud Latham Insole MC

                1st Battn.Welsh Guards

                12th April 1918 Age 30

Born on 13-08-1887 in Fairwater ,Glamorgan,Wales.

In the 1911 census he is recorded as living with his father,George Frederick Insole,a colliery proprietor(his father passed away 11-02-1917) ,his mother Jessy Ann(nee David(married 1878)), along with his brother and sister at The Court, Llanddoff,Glamorgan.

When the war broke out ,he was a Red Cross driver(using his own car) and his dis-embarkcation into France was on 29-09-1914.

He was commissioned into The Welsh Guards when they were formed in 1915.

He was awarded a Military Cross and his citation in 1916 read,"For conspicuous gallantry when in charge of an assault.He handled his company with great skill and determination and although wounded,continued to direct operations till his company were relieved."

He was killed in action near Arras on 12-08-1918.

In his will, his estate of £53,141,9s,4d(today worth £3,325,838.76) was left to Eric Raymond Insole and Alan Vyvyan Insole.

15304 Guardsman George Low

     2nd Battn.Scots Guards

             9th April 1918

Born in Monymusk,Aberdeen on 21-08-1894.

In the 1901 Scottish census,he is recorded as living with his father,George Low,a labourer on an estate,his mother Dorothy (nee Anderson),along with his 4 sisters at Middle Moss-side,Couille.

He enlisted on 06-09-1914 into(4132)'C' Company 8th Battn. Gordon Highlanders.

He was recorded as working as a farm servant.

At his medical he was listed as being 5ft 9 3/4 inches in height,weighing 131lbs.His complexion was fresh,eyes blue and hair light brown.

He was discharged on 13-10-1914 due to bronchitis.

He enlisted again on 04-02-1916 into the Scots Guards and his dis-embarkcation into France was on 22-10-1916.

He was killed in action on 09-04-1918.

          32700 Private Eugene Molloy

2nd Battn. Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

                1st December 1917

Born in Aberdeen,South Africa.

He enlisted in North Shields as 16491 into the Northumberland Fusiliers and his dis-embarkcation into France was on 01-04-1915.

He was  transferred to the 2nd Battn. Kings Own Yorkshire L.I. and was accidently killed on 01-12-1917.

He was married to Mary F.


         10495 Private Albert Ingham

     18th Battn. Manchester Regiment

               1st December 1916

Born in Manchester in 1893.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father,George Edward Ingham,a power loom overlooker in the cotton trade,his mother Eliza Ann (nee Johnson(married 1891)) along with his 2 brothers ,Walter and Charles at 8 Union Street,Pendleton,Salford,Manchester.He was employed as a railway clerk with the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Board.

He enlisted in Manchester on 05-09-1914 and his dis-embarkcation into Egypt was on 18-11-1915.

He service in France included the attack on Moutauban on 01-07-1916,the attack on Trones Wood on 07-07-1916 and being involved in attacks at the following places at the end of July 1916;Mansell Copse,Trones Wood and Guillemont.He was then transferred to the brigade machine gun company.

He disappeared from his unit at Buire along with his friend,Alfred Longshaw on either the night of 5 or 6 October 1916.

Both men were arrested on 01-11-1916 at 9.30am by Sgt Emment of the Intelligence Corps aboard the Swedish "Belleville" in Dieppe.

Both men were tried on 20-11-1916,where they did not dispute the prosecution evidence.In his defence Ingham said "I was worrying at the time about the loss of my chums also about my mother being upset,through hearing the bad news of two of my comrades.I plead for leniency on account of my service in France of 12 months and my previous good conduct.I beg for a chance to make atonement.

I left with my chums firstly to see those at home and then try and get into the Navy along with his other brother,who is serving there." 

His plea fell on deaf ears and both men were found guilty and sentenced to death.

Both men were shot at 7.12am on 01-12-1916.

  10502 Private Alfred Longshaw

18th Battn. Manchester Regiment

          1st December 1916

Born in Pendleton,Lancashire in 1895.He was baptised on 27-02-1895.

In the 1911 census he is recorded living with his father,Charles,a general labourer with a bleach & dye works,his mother,Elizabeth (nee Rodgers(married 1879)),along with his brother,Harry and his fathers adopted son,James Gallisher at 51,Villiers Street ,Pendleton,Salford.He was employed as a railway clerk at the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Board.

He enlisted in Manchester on 05-09-1914.

IN 1915 he married Mary F Corcoran.Later in this year he was sent abroad to Egypt and his dis-embarkcation was on 18-11-1915.

His service record is the same as his friends above leading to the court martial trial.

At the trial, Longshaw too made a statement "I was prompted to act like this by my state of mind caused by the wish to visit my people at home about whom I was greatly worried.Also my service on the Somme had reacted on my state of mind,which had become morbid and irrational,also the fact that practically all my comrades were gone induced me further to this act.Also all immediate prospect of leave was denied.My motive was first to visit home and then to join in the same unit of the Naval forces as my brother." ** 

   36283 Private Harold Brown

 2nd Battn. Yorkshire Regiment

       19th November 1916

Born in Hull in 1891.

In the 1891 census he is listed as living with his father,Thomas Brown,a fisherman,his mother,Emily (nee Oldsworth(married 1876)),along with 4 sisters and a brother at 8 ,Hessle Avenue,Hull.

In the 1901 Cenus, he and his older brother Thomas were recorded as living in the

Cottage Homes of the Sculcoates Union,Hessle workhouse.

He enlisted in Hammersmith,London and originally was 22456 in the 10th Battn. East Yorkshire Regiment.

He was later transferred to the 2nd Battn. Yorkshire Regiment and was killed in action on 19-11-1916.  


10287 Corporal George Edward Westerman

          2nd Battn. Yorkshire Regiment

                  19th November 1916

Born in Leeds on 14-02-1897.

In the 1911 census he is recorded as living with his father,Albert Brown,a jobbing gardener,his mother Mary (nee Smith( Married 29-12-1883)),along with his 2 sisters and brother at 14 Pastures Cresent,Chapel Allerton,Leeds.

He enlisted in Leeds and his dis-embarkcation into France was on 05-10-1914.

He was killed in action on 19-11-1916.



  4035 Private Donovan Myles Proby

1st/4th Battn. East Yorkshire Regiment

              29th August 1916

Born in Hull on 17-11-1895.He was baptised on 01-11-1897.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his widowed mother,Jane Elizabeth(nee Jackson(married 1893)),along with his 3 brothers and 2 sisters at 4 Norton Terrace,Waterloo Street,Hull.He was employed as an errand boy.

His father, George Thomas Proby,a house and ship painter,had passed away in 1910.

He enlisted in Hull and died on 29-08-1916.


201994 Private Richard McCulloch

    1st Battn. Border Regiment

          26th October 1917

Born in Whitehaven in 1887.

In the 1891 census ,he is recorded as living with his father,Richard McCulloch,a coke ovens labourer

(he died in 1916 age 68),his mother Martha(nee McCormick(married 1873)),along with his 3 brothers and

3 sisters at 25 Peter Street,Whitehaven(in later years they would move up the street to no.31).

On the 24-12-1908 he married Mary Ann Rush. They lived at Moffats Court,Fox Lane,Whitehaven.

He enlisted in 45th Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery(regimental number 2588) on 01-09-1914.

At his medical he was recorded as being 5 ft 5 inches in height, weighing 146lbs with brown eyes and dark brown hair.

He was discharged on 30-10-1914 under para 392(iii)(Unlikely to become an efficent soldier) due to having chronic Tonsilitis.

He re-enlisted again on 14-12-1914,but this time with the 2/5th Battn.The Border Regiment. Due to him being employed as a coal miner,on 27-12-1916 he was transferred to 4th(Reserve) Battn.The Border Regiment,so that he could continue his work in the mine.

On the 04-05-1917,his employers,The Whitehaven Colliery Company wrote to his commanding officer asking that he be left in his role as a coal hewer,due to the shortage of men and the falling levels of production.

At his medical he stated that he had had bronchitis and rhumatism in his legs,shoulder and neck caused by doing night duty at Heaton Park,Manchester in the Book House in Bury Old Road Camp.Despite the letter and his past medical complaints,theri request was ignored and he was recalled to the Army on 14-05-1917.

His dis-embarkcation into France was on 27-08-1917,whereupon he was transferred to 1st Battn.The Border Regiment.

He died of his wounds at the 87th Field Ambulance on 26-10-1917,received during a bombing training exercise.

A Court of Enquiry was held on 27-10-1917 and its conclusions were as follows;

"During bombing practice a mills no.5 grenade exploded in Pte McCullochs hand,killing him and 2nd Lieutentant H.S Park and wounding two other men."

"He was found not to be at fault for this and was recorded killed(accidentally)".

His widow Mary Ann and her two children were awarded a pension of 25s 5d a week from 16-05-1918.


30023 Serjeant William Edward Davenport Phillip Farrington

            146th Company Machine Gun Corps

                           9th February 1917

Born in Horwich,Lancashire in 1898.

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Phillip Davenport Farrington,an engine fitter,

his mother Harriet (nee Berrisford(married 1890)) along with his sister Beatrice at

158 Chorley New Road,Horwich.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as visiting his sister Beatrices house at

34 College Street  East,Everton,Liverpool,

whilst still living with his parents at 20 Farlane Street,Bolton, Lancashire.

He enlisted in Liverpool and was killed in action 0n 09-02-1917.

5218 Rifleman Edward Fitzpatrick

    2/8th Battn.Post Office Rifles

               5th March 1917

Born in 1894 in Johnstown,Navan,Co.Meath,Ireland.

In the 1901 Irish census,he is recorded as living with his widowed mother Rose,a housekeeper and his 2 sisters in Kilcarn,Navan,Co.Meath.His father,Edward Fitzpatrick had died in 1897,aged 50.

He enlisted in Johnstown,Navan,Co.Meath and and was given the regimental number 5218. His number was later changed to 372568 and served under this new number from 27-01-1917 until he was killed in action on 05-03-1017.

 B 336 Rifleman William Harcourt Smith(left in the photograph)

          13th Battn. Rifle Brigade

                14th March 1916

Born in Deptford,Kent on 09-04-1895.He was baptised on 29-04-1895.

on 02-10-1905,he was admitted to Lucas Street School.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Edwin Arthur Smith,a tailor,his mother Lilian Seabrook(nee Wordsworth(married 21-01-1891)),along with his 3 sisters and brother at 38 Malpas Road,Brockley. He was employed as a book binder.

He enlisted at Woolwich,Kent and died of his wounds at the 49th Field Ambulance on 14-03-1916.  

10538 Private Dennis McCarthy(right in the photograph)

    6th Battn. Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry

                          21st April 1916

Born in Liwynpia,Glamorgan,Wales in 1879.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as boarding at 54 Church Street,Aberbargoed,with his wife,Minnie Maud(nee Crowley),whom he married in 1908.He was employed as a collier below ground.

He enlisted in Tonypandy,Glamorgan and his dis-embarkation into France was on 21-05-1915 and he died whilst having a fit on 21-04-1916.

  33069 Charles Payne(front in the photograph)

      8th Battn. Leicestershire Regiment

              19th April 1917

Born in Hatfield Heath,Essex in 1875.

in the 1881 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Moses Payne, a hay binder(he died in 1906 aged 78),his mother,Rachael(nee Sapsford(married 1858))(she died in 1911 aged 70),along with his 2 brothers and 3 sisters on Bishops Stortford Road,Hatfield Heath,Essex. 

in the 1911 Census he is recorded as living with 2 brothers(John & Tom) and his sister Dora in Hatfield Heath,Essex.He was employed as a farm labourer.

He originally enlisted into the Bedfordshire Regiment with regimental number 6486,but was transferred to the 5th Battn. Leicestershire Regiment at his enlistment in Bedford on 21-03-1916.His height at his medical was given as 5ft 7 1/2 inches.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 02-11-1916 and on 07-11-1916 he was posted to 8th Battn. Leicestershire Regiment.

He was killed on 19-04-1917 during a bombing practice. An enquriy held on 23-04-1917 ruled that he had been killed accidentally.

In his will,his effects of £134,4s,1d(worth today £10,532.49) was left to his sister Dora.    


** Blindfold & Alone by Cathryn Corns &            John Hughes-Wilson.Pages 257 & 258


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