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15903 Private Frederick Cheetham Taylor


Devonshire Regiment

1st July 1916 


Born in 1897 in Littleborough,Lancashire.He was baptised on 05/04/1897. 

His parents were David Taylor(1873-1939) and

Charlotte Naomi Cheetham(22/03/1876-1949).

They were married on 23/09/1896.

Frederick had 3 brothers ; Edwin Schofield(1899-1926),Benjamin Shaw(24/06/1900-1971) and

Ernest Granville(born on 15/10/1903). 

In the 1901 census,the family were recorded as living at

1 School Street Littleborough Lancashire. Fredericks' father was employed as a worker in an oil distillery, though at the time of Fredericks birth and in 1911 his job was that of a weaver.

Frederick enlisted in Rochdale and his date of disembarkation into France was 24/08/1915.

He was killed in action on 01/07/1916. 

He was awarded the 1914-1915 Star,

the British War 1914-1918 and the Allied victory medals.

His father also fought in the war,enlisting on 19/05/1915 as Gunner(L/18618) with D Battery 165 Brigade

The Royal Field Artillery until 04/05/1919.

He served in the Mediterranean between

08/01/1916 & 07/03/1916 and then in France

between 08/03/1916 & 02/02/1919.  

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