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16226 Private James Samuel Carter


Devonshire Regiment

1st July 1916


Born on 18/06/1876 in Chelsea London. His parents were Charles Henry Carter(1832-1889) and

Caroline Gent(born on 07/11/1842).

They were married on 18/08/1867.

James had 3 brothers;

Charles(born on 30/12/1869,Thomas(born in 1870) and

Edwin Emmanuel James(1872-1895).

Her also 2 sisters;

Mary Sarah Presland

(born on 21/09/1860) and

Rebecca Elizabeth(born on 14/07/1866).

In the 1881 census, the family are recorded as living in rooms at 23 Hilmer Street Fulham,London. Charles was  working as a carpenter and Caroline was a laundress.

In 1888,aged 11, James entered Saint Dunstan's Road School(renamed Captain Marryat School in 1951. The school closed in 1977). At this time the family were living at 97 Greyhound Road,Fulham,London.

In the 1891 census,the family were recorded as living at

14 Gawan Road Fulham London. Charles had passed away the year before and Caroline was still a laundress. James was employed as an errand boy.

In 1900 James married Louisa Mary Orriss(born in 1878).

They had 7 children; James(born in 1902),

Florence(born in 1905), Clara Ellen(1906-1978),

May(1909-1933),William(born in 1911),

Elizabeth R(born in 1913) and Harry E(born in 1915).    



In the 1901 census,James and Louisa were recorded as living in 2 rooms at 12 Claybrook Road Fulham London.

James was employed as a general carter.

In the 1911 census,the family were now recorded as living at 51 Ancill Street Fulham London.

James was employed as a contractors carman. 

James enlisted in London and his date of disembarkation into France was 01/10/1915.

He was killed in action on 01/07/1916.

He was awarded the 1914-1915 Star,the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.

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