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Royal Engineers Grave 

Railway Wood

132967 Sapper Sidney Firth

177th Tunnelling Company Royal Engineers

9th March 1917

Born in Morley,Yorkshire in 1892,he was baptised on 03/07/1892.

His parents were Charles Firth(1856-1921) and Emma Raistrick (1856-1915),they were married on 20/09/1879.

He had 3 brothers,James(born in 1875),William(born in 1881) and Alfred Raistrick(1890-1955).

He also had 2 sisters,Hannah(born in 1888) and Edith (born in 1897).

In the 1901 census,the family were recorded as living at 22 Brunswick Street Morley and his father was employed

as a manager at a colliery.

In the 1911 census,Sidney is recorded living at his brother Alfred's house at 75 Scott Terrace, Stanton Hill,Nottinghamshire.

Sidney was employed as a pony driver underground in a coal mine.

In 1915 he married Emma Rebecca Lees(born in 1893).

He enlisted in Morley and his dis-embarkation into France was on 09/11/1915.

He was killed in action on 09/03/1917.

His wife remarried on 19/04/1919 to John Taylor.


112505 Sapper William Spooner

177th Tunnelling Company Royal Engineers

28th April 1916

Born in Wednesbury,Staffordshire in 1870.

His parents were Benjamin Spooner(1843-1900) and Sarah Dudy (born in1844),they married in 1864.

He had 2 brothers,John(born in 1866) and Abraham(1868-1943). He also had a sister, Sarah(born in 1869).

In early 1874 his mother died and later that year his father got remarried to Maria Walton(born in 1856). They went on to have

4 more children,James(born in 1875),Simon(born in 1881),Thomas(1884-1934) and Benjamin(1888-1935).

In the 1881 census,the family were living on John Street ,Cannock,Staffordshire. William's father was employed

as a coal miner.

In 1895 William married Jane Barratt(born in 1876). They had 6 children,with only 3 surviving up until the 1911 census,

with only 1,William (born in 1898) being listed with them (1901) on a census form.

In the 1901 census William and his family were recorded as living on Cannock Road ,Cannock.William was employed

as a coal miner hewer.His wife was also employed as a draper.

In the 1911 census,William was now a licensed victualler and with the help of his wife and sister in law Kate Barratt,

was running the Roebuck Inn,54 Stafford Road,Cannock.

He enlisted in London and his disembarkation into France was on 28/08/1915.

He was killed in action on 28/04/1916. 

358513 Private Edward Poulton

1/10th Battalion

The King's(Liverpool)Regiment

25th April 1917

Born in Manchester in 1885.

His parents were George Poulton(1852-1927) and Elizabeth Hannah Lee(1853-15/04/1915). They were married in 1872.

He had 8 brothers,Thomas(born in 1874),John(born in 1877),William (1879-1961),Samuel(1882-1940),

George(1885-1940),Alfred(born in 1888),Frank (born in 1894) and Albert (born in 1895).

He also had 4 sisters,Hannah(1875-1889),Carrie(born in 1890),Florrie(1892-1916)and Mary (born in 1897).

In the 1891 census,the family were living at 10 Union Street, Ardwick , East Manchester. His father was employed

as a chimney sweeper.

In the 1901 census, the family had moved to 110 Higher Ardwick,South Manchester. His father was still a

chimney sweeper,whilst Edward was an iron moulder apprentice. 

On 18/09/1903, he enlisted in Manchester as Private 7414 in The King's Shropshire Light Infantry.

At his medical held on the same day,he was recorded as being 5ft 9inches in height,112lbs in weight,having a chest measurement when fully expanded of 35 inches(it is also recorded that that after 6 months service and gymnastic course,

his height was 5ft 9 1/2 inches ,his weight was 145lbs and chest measurement when fully expanded 36 inches.),

complexion fresh,eyes grey,and hair black.He also had a mole on his left shoulder blade. His profession was given as moulder. 

He was posted to 1st Battalion Shropshire Light Infantry on 08/01/1904.

He was permitted to extend his service to complete 8 years with the colours on 14/09/1904.

On 27/02/1905 he was discharged at his own request on payment of 18s 1d.

On 07/09/1907 he married Mary Elizabeth Hill(1881-1953). They had 3 children, Edward Hill Poulton was born on 28/01/1909

and at his baptism on 17/02/1909,it was recorded that Edward was now working as a chimney sweeper and that the family were living in Ardwick.

Their second son Wilfred Hill Poulton was born in 1913,but only lived a short life ,dying on 30/05/1918.

Their daughter Elsie was born on 18/03/1916 and passed away in 1992.

No record can be found of the place or date that Edward re-enlisted but he became Private 358513 in 1/10th Battalion

The King's (Liverpool) Regiment.

He was killed in action on 25/04/1917.

His daughter Elsie married her first husband in 1935 ,William Frederick Drummond and in WW2 he was a sapper in the Royal Engineers and was killed in action between 29/05/1940 and 02/06/1940. He is remembered on the Dunkirk Memorial Part II

in France.

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