13739 Rifleman Roy Lane Cunliffe
D Company 1st Battalion
3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade
4th December 1917

pw61Rifleman Roy Lane Cunliffe2_edited.jpg

Born on 19/04/1892 in Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand.

His parents were James Erasmus Cunliffe(13/02/1850-22/03/1930) and Ada Mahala Jenner(1855-1916). They were married on 26/10/1879.

 Roy had 3 brothers, Arthur Erasmus Jenner(born in 1881), William James(15/12/1883-26/08/1939) and Francis Llewellyn(29/09/1896-04/03/1975).

He also had 5 sisters, Laura Louise(28/05/1882-1977), Frances(1885-06/07/1982), Eva Florence(1886-10/05/1982, Jean(born in 1887) and Ada Mahala(1888-1968).  

At the outbreak of war , Roy enlisted on 08/08/1914 as a Gunner(2/30) in D Company NZ Field Artillery