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203195 Private William Andrews

4th Battalion posted to 11th Battalion

Essex Regiment

11th April 1918


Born in Ware, Hertfordshire in 1890. His parents were Richard Andrews(1846-1918) and Catherine Chalkley(22/09/1858-1946). They were married in 1882.

William had 5 brothers, John(1882-23/04/1917), Richard(11/04/1884-1981),Frederick(1889-25/07/1962), Walter(1892-04/11/1916) and Albert(1899-30/07/1917.

He also had 3 sisters, Sarah(born on 14/10/1885),Catherine(21/01/1888-24/03/1960) and Annie(born on 23/06/1894).

In the 1891 census the family were recorded as living on Priory Street in Ware, Hertfordshire, Richard snr was a malt maker.   

The 1901 census recorded that the family had moved to Crib Street, Ware and Richard snr was employed as a labourer.

In the 1911 census, it shows the family were still living on Crib Street(no.20).Richard snr was an unemployed labourer at this point. William was now working as a malt maker for

Henry Page & Co. 

In 1912 William married  Elizabeth  Agnes Maud Primrose Draper(05/01/1891-1962).  

They had 4 children, William Richard(02/01/1913-29/12/2011),Ernest John(18/02/1914-11/08/1988),

Ellen Catherine Primrose(22/07/1916-20/01/2008) and Ada Lilian(born on 18/07/1918).

William enlisted in Hertford, originally  into the Hertfordshire Regiment as Private 5485, before later being transferred to the 4th Battalion Essex Battalion as Private 203195.

He was killed in action on 11/04/1918.

William was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.

His wife was a pension of 33/9 a week from 11/11/1918.

Elizabeth remarried in 1920 to Henry George Sibley(24/07/1886-1947). 

3 of Williams brothers were also killed during the war;

Walter - Private 4785, Hertfordshire Regiment, died of wounds on 13/11/1916 and is buried in Warloy- Baillon Communal Extension, France. II.D.2

John - Private 4908, 1st Battalion Duke of Cambridge's Own(Middlesex)Regiment was killed in action on 23/04/1917 and is buried in Heninel-Croisilles Road Cemetery, France. I.B.20.

Albert - Private 32911, 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment was killed in action on 30/07/1917 and is buried in Roclincourt Military Cemetery, France. I.D.26.  

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