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24104 Serjeant Edric Davidson Reid B.A.

1st Battalion

New Zealand Canterbury Regiment

13th December 1917


Born on 10/12/1894 in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

His parents were Reverend James Swanson Reid(08/01/1868-22/05/1942) and Annie Jane Davidson(1868-1946). They were married in 1893.

Edric had a brother, Alan Alexander(born in 1899) and

3 sisters, Janet Swanson(04/10/1896-15/06/1993), Elizabeth Davidson(born in 1902) and Annie Davidson(born in 1904).

The family lived at Dunsandel, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Edric was educated at the Kaiapoi District High School, where he gained a Junior and then Senior Board Scholarship. He later attended Boys' High School in Christchurch, where he gained a Junior University Scholarship, which he held until he had completed his B.A. degree in 1915. He was greatly esteemed as possessing teaching talents of a very high order.*   

On 20/11/1909 he took the Civil Service Junior Examination and passed with credit.

Whilst studying, Edric  was also serving with the

1st Canterbury Regiment Territorials.  


Having made his will out on 13/12/1915,leaving all his property and any money that may accrue from an insurance policy in his name to his mother, Edric enlisted at Trentham camp on 15/12/1915; his medical though was performed on 18/10/1915, the details recorded as follows;

Declared Age 21 Years 10 Months. Occupation - Student. Height - 5ft 8 inches. Weight - 161lbs.

Chest Measurement - Minimum - 33 inches, Maximum 37 inches. Complexion - Fresh. Colour of Eyes - Grey. Colour of Hair - Brown. Religious Profession - Presbyterian. Distinguishing Marks - Mole on left thigh.

He was promoted  twice whilst still in New Zealand, firstly to Corporal on 19/01/1916 and then to Serjeant on 06/02/1916.    

Edric started his journey abroad from Wellington on 31/05/1916, spending nearly 2 months at sea, before disembarking in Devonport, Devon, England on 26/07/1916. 

He was marched into Sling camp on Salisbury Plain on 28/07/1916, where he was posted to 2nd Company,

Canterbury Regiment and reverts back to the ranks (private)on the same day.   

He was made a temporary Corporal on 05/08/1916 and then a day before he left for France on 26/09/1916, he was made a temporary Serjeant.

Edric entered the camp at Etaples, France on 27/09/1916 and it is where he stayed until he was posted to

1st Battalion Canterbury Regiment, whom he joined in the field on 13/10/1916,where he relinquished his appointment of temporary Serjeant.

Not until the following year, on 07/07/1917 was Edric promoted again, this time appointed Lance Corporal. 

The next month saw him sent to the school of instruction for a week, returning to his battalion on 07/08/1917.

The following week, Edric was sent to II Army rest camp where he spent 10 days before returning to his battalion on 28/08/1917. Upon his return, he was promoted to Corporal.

A return to England on leave was made on 11/09/1917, re-joining his battalion on 25/09/1917.

Promotions for Edric occurred on his return to the front. Firstly appointed a temporary Serjeant on 12/10/1917, before being appointed Lance/Serjeant on 04/11/1917, then promoted to Serjeant on 30/10/1917.

Edric was killed in action on 13/12/1917.

He was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied  Victory medals.

*Information from   www.peoplesnetworknz

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