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29829 Private Edgar Scott
1/6th Battalion
Duke of Wellington's(West Riding) Regiment
28th February 1918


Born on 06/12/1881 in Riddleston  near Keighley

West Yorkshire. His parents were Edward Scott(1846-1928) and Hannah Smith(1850-1917). They were married on 16/12/1876.

Edgar was baptised on 01/01/1882.

He had 2 brothers, Durward (06/02/1878-09/01/1958) and William Henry (23/11/1886-1959).

Edgar also had 2 sisters, Bertha(born in 1880) and Grace Hannah(born in 1884).

In the 1891 census, the family were recorded living at

Kiln Bank ,Riddleston near Keighley with his father in law.

Edward was employed as a mechanic - Slider for machine makers.

The 1901 census showed that the family were still living at Kiln Bank. Edward was now employed as an general outdoor labourer. Edgar was also working too, being employed as a cooper.

On either the 02/06/1909 or 07/06/1909( his army service records show 2 different dates) Edgar married Annie Oldfield (20/10/1881-1931) and they had 3 children, Edith(born on 23/04/1910), Herbert Leslie(12/12/1911-21/03/1995) and John Edward(14/09/1914-04/09/1959).   

In the 1911 census, Edgar and his family were recorded as living at 9 Prospect Terrace , Morton Banks, near Keighley with his brother in law. Edgar was still employed as a cooper.

He enlisted on 30/11/1916 in Halifax. His medical took place sometime in December 1916 after he had had his vaccinations, though no date is given. The details of it are as follows;

Apparent age - 34 years 359 days

Height - 5ft 4 inches, Weight - 114lbs

Chest Measurement - Girth when fully expanded - 351/2 inches, Range of Expansion - 21/2 inches

Religion - Methodist

Slight defects but not  sufficient to cause rejection - Bunion on right big toe.

Edgar was mobilized the same day as his enlistment and posted to 3rd Reserves West Riding Battalion on 02/12/1916.

Just over a year later, he was sent to France, embarking at Folkstone on 04/03/12917, disembarking in Boulogne the same day.

He was marched into the Etaples Depot and posted to 9th Battalion West Riding Regiment on 05/03/1917 before being re-posted the same day to 1/6th Battalion West Riding Regiment. He didn't join his a Battalion in the field until 24/03/1917. 

Edgar stayed with the regiment until he was granted leave back to the UK on 20/01/1918 until 03/02/1918 when he returned to the front.

He was killed in action on 28/02/1918 , quite possibly along with Richard Whittaker, though I have no proof that Edgar was the other man, it does seem highly likely.Richard Whittaker.


Edgar was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals

His widow Annie, had a disc that was property of her husbands returned to her.

She was awarded a pension of 29/- a week with effect from 16/09/1918.

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