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33469 Private James Gee


York & Lancaster Regiment

 25th March 1918


Born in Thringstone Leicestershire in 1882.

His parents were James Gee(1855-1907) and

Ellen Walton(1862-19/06/1921). They married in 1880.

James jnr had 5 brothers; Edward(28/11/1881-1976),

George Henry(born in 1890),John(1898-21/10/1949),

Radford(03/10/1900-09/05/1947) and Albert(18/05/1904-1982).

He also had 4 sisters; Florence (born in 1880),Fanny Constance(03/08/1889-1951),Mary(born in 1894) and Ethel May(1896-20/01/1962).

In the 1901 census, the family were recorded as living on Main Street Thringstone,Leicestershire. James Snr was employed as a coal engine driver (below ground).

James was employed as a coal miner(hewer).

In the 1911 census,the family were now recorded as living at the Barracks Thringstone,Leicestershire. James was still employed as a coal miner(hewer). He enlisted on 20/02/1917 into the Leicestershire Regiment as Private 37467 and at his medical on the same day,he was recorded to be 5ft 3 inches in height, weight 118lbs , chest measurement when expanded

34 1/2 inches with a range of expansion of

2 1/2 inches.He was also recorded as having a scar on his forehead.


He was sent to France on 28/07/1917, embarking at Folkstone and then disembarking in Boulogne later the same day.

James was transferred to the York & Lancaster Regiment as Private 33469 on 15/08/1917, joining the battalion in the field on 16/09/1917.

He was posted to the 1/5th on 12/02/1918 and was killed in action on 25/03/1918.

He was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied victory medals.

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