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35924 Private Frederick Walker


York and Lancaster Regiment

20th March 1918


Born in Stockport, Manchester in 1898.

His parents were Albert Walker(1871-1911) and

Eleanor Millward(1872-1905). They were married in 1892.

Frederick had 2 brothers; William(born in 1902) and George(born in 1903). He also had a sister,Ellen(born in 1895).

In the 1901 census the family were recorded as living at 17 Smedley Road, Manchester,Lancashire. Albert was employed as an engineer.

By the time of the 1911 census, both parents had died and the children had been split up; the 2 younger boys were living in a Manchester workhouse and Ellen was boarding at 10 Leek Street in Manchester. I could not find a record for Frederick ,as he is not yet living at the address he gives on his service records,

18, High Park Road Southport,Lancashire(where he lived with his foster mother/landlady,

Martha Ellen Howard(1885-1950). 

Frederick enlisted in Seaforth,Liverpool on 22/05/1917

as Private 30361 in the Lancashire Fusiliers.

At his medical on the same day, the following information was recorded;

Occupation - Miller

Apparent age - 18 years 9 months

Height - 5 ft 2 inches

Weight - 121 1/2 lbs

Chest - Girth when fully expanded 33 1/2 inches

             Range of expansion 2 1/2 inches

On 27/10/1917 he was charged that on 05/09/1917 when on active service deserting his Majesty's service.

His sentence was 6 months 112 days detention, Remitted by conforming authority. All his former service was to be forfeited on conviction of desertion. Service towards engagement to reckon from 22/10/1917.

He was posted to 6th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment on 18/11/1917 and sent to France the same day, marching into Etaples on 19/11/1917. 

He was posted to 1/5th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment on 21/11/1917.

Frederick was killed in action on 20/03/1918.

He was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.

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