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             41022 Rifleman Harry Rudd
               C Company, 3rd Battalion
           3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade
                    6th December 1917 


Born in Tasmania on 24/08/1893. His parents were Thomas Osborne Rudd(1847-08/06/1920) and

Patience Aggas(28/12/1850-17/01/1912). They were married on 11/09/1867).

Harry had 2 brothers, Henry Osborne(12/07/1876-27/19/1919) and Albert Zachariah Thomas (12/05/1880-14/01/1961).

He also had 2 sisters, Patience(01/ 06/1871-07/06/1962) and Maria Maude(born on 01/12/1874). 

In 1912, Harry moved to New Zealand and got a job as a farm labourer with Thomas Sadler in Woodlands, Southland.

On 13/11/1916 Harry enlisted in Invercargill, having previously had a medical here on 30/10/1916,details as follows;

Declared Age – 21

Height 5ft 6 inches Weight 133lbs

Chest Measurement Minimum – 32 inches – Maximum – 35 inches

Complexion – Fresh Colour of Eyes – Grey-Green, Colour of Hair-  Dark Brown

Religious Profession – Anglican

Remarks – Has suffered occasionally from “Weak back” caused by fall from a horse about 8 years ago.

Harry was posted to D Company 23rd Reinforcements on 15/11/1916, before being transferred to H Company 23rd Reinforcements on 25/11/1916.

Once his training was completed, Harry was sent to England, embarking aboard the Troopship 79 Ruapehu in Wellington on 14/03/1917. He disembarked in Devonport on 21/05/1917 and was marched into Sling Camp, Salisbury Plain the same day and was posted to B company 5th Reserve Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade(NZRB).

Harry remained at Sling until 21/06/1917 when he went to France, marching into Etaples Camp 2 days later. 

He was marched out to Division on 08/07/1917, joining the 3rd Battalion 3rd NZRB and being posted to C Company 3 days later.

Harry was killed in action on 06/12/1917.

He was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.

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