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41115 Private Robert Christie

2nd Battalion

Royal Scots Fusiliers

28th September 1918


Born at 10pm on 28/10/1898 at 31 Wallace Street, Wallace Town, Ayr, Scotland.

His Parents were Robert Christie(1873- 20/04/1935) and Elizabeth Cuthbertson (1869-06/06/1908). They later married on 01/12/1899.

In the 1901(Scottish) census, the family were recorded as living at 54 York Street Lane, Ayr. Robert snr. was employed as a sawyer. His mother, who no longer worked had previously being employed as a wool spinner.

In the 1911(Scottish) census, Robert and his father(his mother had died of asthma in 1908) were recorded as living at 50 Wallace Street , Wallace Town. Ayr.

Robert snr. was now working as a labourer.

Robert enlisted in Ayr.

He was killed in action on 28/09/1918.

He was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and

Allied Victory medals.

His father was given a pension of 5/- a week from 22/09/1919.  

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