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42126 Private Harry Smith


York and Lancaster Regiment

24th March 1918


Born in Bradford,Yorkshire in 1893.

His parents were Jesse Smith(1846-05/12/1926) and Nancy Sutcliffe(1851-1914). They were married on 02/05/1871.

Harry had 7 brothers; Thomas(1872-29/10/1924),

Wright(1874-1927),Spencer(03/02/1878-1955), John(born in 1880),Luther(14/05/1881-1961),

Albert Edward(23/03/1889-28/07/1957) and

Fred(born on 12/07/1888).

He also had 4 sisters, Maria(26/08/1875-1952),

Julietta(1878-18/09/1949),Clare Elizabeth(born in 1886) and Annie (born in 1890).

In the 1901 census, the family were recorded as living at

3 Kipping Place Thornton,Bradford. Jesse was employed as a road labourer for the council.

The 1911 census showed that the family were now living at 23 Chapel Terrace,Thornton. Jesse was now working as a colliery boiler stoker and Harry was a worsted spinning jobber( A jobber removed waste from machines and carried out any minor repairs and adjustments.).

Harry enlisted on 02/03/1916,but wasn't called up for service until 20/04/1917 to the 3/3rd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment.

At his medical performed on the day of his call up, the details recorded were as follows;

Occupation - Warehouseman, Height 5 feet 3 inches. Weight 119 lbs. Girth when fully expanded 35 inches, range of expansion 2 inches.

He was posted to 13th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment on 02/08/1917,the same day that he embarked for

France via Folkestone,disembarking in Boulogne.

Harry was posted to 1/5th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment on 18/08/1917.

 He was killed in action on 24/03/1918.

His personal items, a metal mirror,letter and a photo were returned to his sister Julietta on 23/06/1918.

His father was awarded a pension of 6/- a week from 08/10/1918 that was increased to 12/6 from the 27/12/1918.

Harry was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.  

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