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42490 Private George Thomas Perry

11th Battalion Essex Regiment

11th April 1918


Born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire  in 1886.He was baptised on 18/08/1886.

His parents were Samuel Perry(1857-1896) and Eliza Cook(born in 1854). They were married on 22/07/1877.

George had 5 brothers, William Caleb (07/03/1878-04/11/1949), Walter Samuel(15/07/1880-13/02/1953), Ernest(born in 1883), Joseph James(1892-21/08/1953) and Daniel(27/01/1894-1949).

He also had a sister, Emma Sophia(05/04/1889-07/09/1962).

In the 1891 census, the family were recorded as living at 18 Chapel Street, Hemel Hempstead. Samuel was employed as an Ostler( a person who looked after horses)domestic servant. 

In the 1901 census, it showed that the family had moved up the street and were now living at

25 Chapel Street. Samuel was now employed as a packer in a paper mill and George was now working as a frame master in the same mill. 


On 13/10/1907 George married Ethel Lane(15/03/1886-1955) and they had 4 children, Lillian Rhoda(25/01/1908-1958),Marjorie Ethel(28/03/1909-1933),Winifred Irene(25/08/1912-1996) and Harold(25/04/1916-1986).

In 1911, the family were only recorded in the census summary book ,so their home address of 14 Chapel Street

(the family would later move to 42 Chapel Street), is the only information that is available.

George enlisted in Hemel Hempstead as Private 35157 in the Suffolk Regiment, before later transferring to at some point 11th Battalion Essex Regiment as Private 42290.

He was killed in action on 11/04/1918.

George was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals. 

His widow Ethel received a pension of 33/-(shillings) 9d(pence)a week starting from 11/11/1918.  


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