44845 Rifleman William George Hinton

3rd Battalion

New Zealand Rifle Brigade

8th December 1917

Born in Thames-Coromandel, Waikato,New Zealand on 24/09/1885.

His parents were Henry Hinton(1849-24/07/1935) and Elizabeth Mays(1854-04/02/1911). they were married on 03/09/1877.

William had 6 brothers, Thomas Henry Hatheral(23/03/1879- 26/02/1948),

Alexander John Frederick(27/05/1882-01/05/1968),

Charles Bernard(14/09/1883-23/10/1960),

James Jasper(10/08/1887- 04/01/1957) and Arthur(21/11/1889-30/08/1954).

He also had a sister,Anna Mary May(01/05/1892-22/09/1973).

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