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45312 Lieutenant Arthur Harry Charlton

A Company

2nd Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade

3rd February 1918


Born in Popotunga, Clinton, Clutha, Otago, 

New Zealand on 10/08/1880.

His parents were William Charlton(1835-24/11/1921) and Annie Steel (25/03/1854-06/09/1904). They were married in 1875.  

Arthur had a brother, George Edward(born in 1878) and a sister, Frances Annie(1882-06/11/1945).

On 16/08/1902 Arthur enrolled in the Popotunga Rifle Volunteers(PRV) and just under 6 months later he was appointed Serjeant on 05/03/1903.

Arthur was appointed acting Lieutenant in the PRV on 13/03/1909.

On 01/09/1909, he passed his exam and was commissioned Lieutenant in PRV.

He was awarded a long service medal on 19/08/1915.

His enlistment into the regular army was probably on 25/11/1916 as the following are the details of a medical that he had that day ;

Apparent Age - 36 years 3 months

Height 6ft 1 inch, Weight 161lbs

 Chest Measurement - Minimum - 34 1/2 inches

                                     Maximum - 37 1/2 inches


Complexion - Dark, Colour of Eyes - Brown, Colour of Hair - Dark Brown. Religious Profession - Anglican.

Distinctive Marks - Operation mark on abdomen from removal of appendicitis.

Previous Illnesses - Scarlet Fever in childhood, Appendicitis.

On 09/12/1916, Arthur wrote to the Group Commander at Milton," I have enlisted to go with the 25th Reinforcements but am having more difficulty than expected to sell my business(He was a blacksmith),so beg to apply to have my enlistment extended to the 26th Reinforcements to enable me to settle up my affairs". His request must have been approved as Arthur did not leave New Zealand until travelling with the 28th Reinforcements and his enlistment date was recorded as 01/02/1917.

Arthur sailed for England from Wellington aboard the ship Ulimaroa on 26/07/1917.  It was just under 2 months later on 24/09/1917 that he disembarked in Plymouth, Devon.

Two days later, he marched into Sling Camp ,on Salisbury Plain and posted to the New Zealand Rifle Brigade.

His departure to France came on 15/11/1917, but he did not join up with his battalion in the field until 06/12/1917,when he was posted to A company.

He was detached to the 2nd Brigade for 7 days from 22/01/1918.

Arthur was killed in action on 03/02/1918.

He was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.

North Otago Times - 13 February 1918

"The following casualty list (No.783) was issued last night:-

Rifle Brigade

Charlton, Arthur Henry , Lieutenant

(W. Charlton , Clinton, father) 

Previously reported wounded, now reported wounded and missing :-"


Otago Witness - 27 February 1918 

Charlton - On February 3, 1918, killed in action "somewhere in France", Lieutenant Arthur Harry Charlton

(N.Z. Rifle Brigade,28th Reinforcements) , second son of William Charlton, Clinton, Otago; aged 38 years.

    Nobly he lived , nobly he died.

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