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46635 Private George Charles Lee Wilson

2nd Company,1st Battalion

New Zealand Canterbury Regiment

14th December 1917


Born on 01/05/1887 in Christchurch New Zealand.

His parents were Samuel Wilson(04/12/1854-14/04/1925) and Jane Bonnett(1859-05/08/1928). They were married on 05/03/1880.

George had a brother, Henry Samuel(1882-1956) and

2 sisters, Agnes lee(1883-1972) and Jane Lee(1885-05/07/1966).  

The family lived at 249 Milton Street, Sydenham, Christchurch, New Zealand.

George was working as a Joiner for C.H.McCully before he enlisted in Christchurch on 25/01/1917. 

The details of a medical performed on the same day are as follows;

Height - 5ft 4 3/4 inches, Weight - 121lbs

Chest - Minimum - 32 inches

            Maximum - 34 1/2 inches 

Complexion - Dark, Eyes - Grey, Hair - Dark.

On 07/02/1917, George was posted to C Company 25th Reinforcements. 

His journey to the Western Front began on 26/04/1917 when he embarked aboard the Turakina from Wellington.   

He arrived in England on 20/07/1917,disembarking at Devonport, Devon. George spent just under 3 months in England before leaving for France on 06/10/1917. 3 days later he was marched into camp at Etaples, France.

George joined C Company 1st Battalion NZ Canterbury Regiment in the field on 26/10/1917.

Whilst holding and improving the front line at the Judge Cross Roads Sector* on 14/12/1917**, George was killed.  


He was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.

Before the war, George played one game of cricket for New Zealand during the 1913-1914 season against Australia.


*   This was an area that crossed the Becelaere - Passchendaele Road.     

** Information from Mike Dougan on

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