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47977 Rifleman George Albert Carter

D Company 4th Battalion

3rd New Zealand Rifle brigade

7th January 1918 

pw13-Rifleman George Albert Carter.jpg

Born on 03/08/1888 in Timaru, Canterbury,

New Zealand.

His parents were Samuel Carter(1854-29/04/1917)

and Jane  Robinson(1851-10/08/1923).

They were married in 1876.

In the 1914 electoral  records. George was recorded as living at 5 Anderson Street, Eketahuna, New Zealand.

He was employed as a butcher.

On 28/07/1916 he married Anna Susan Daniel (08/01/1891-14/07/1978) and they had a son

Maurice John(10/01/1917-06/01/1954). 

He enlisted in Masterton on 19/01/1917 and the details of his medical performed on 20/01/1917 are as follows;

Apparent Age 28 years 5 months

Height 5 feet 6 1/4 inches, Weight 129 lbs

Chest Measurement -  Minimum 32 inches

                                     Maximum 37 1/2 inches

Complexion - dark, Eyes - blue, Hair - black.

On 05/03/1917 he was posted to H company 26th battalion.

George left New Zealand aboard the Maunganui on 12/06/1917 arriving into Devonport England on 16/08/1917.

The same day he was marched into Tidworth and posted to C company.

He was appointed a cook on 28/09/1917 and then transferred as a cook from 5th battalion to 6th battalion on 09/10/1917.

He relinquished his role as a cook on 20/11/1917 and on the same day left Brocton for France, marching into the camp at Etaples 2 days later.

He joined D company in the field on 13/12/1917 and died of wounds he received in action on 07/01/1918.

George was awarded the 1914- 1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.  


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