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55101 Rifleman Victor Hannah Colin 

                          McDonald Thurston

A Company 1st Battalion

3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade

5th February 1918


Born in Wendonsall, New Zealand on 02/05/1897. His parents were Charles George Thurston(12/06/1850-03/07/1939) and Mary Ann McDonald(12/10/1863-03/06/1897). They were married in 1880.

Victor had 9 brothers; James Charles Donald(1880-1882),Charles George Brooksland(1882-1933),Frederick John Brooksland(1883-1923),William Hanna Waikaia(1885-1890), Arthur Mataura(1887-1957), Jack Mataura(1889-1941), Lionel Walter Mataura(1891-1933), Edward Albert Mataura(1893-1969) and James Charles(1895-1982). He also had a sister, Margaret Elizabeth(1881-1943). 

With his mother dying so soon after his birth, Victor was fostered out to John(1839-05/06/1917 and Margaret(1843-06/09/1918)Calderwood.   

Victor enlisted in Oamaru on 17/02/1917. prior to that he had been working as an assistant moulder at J.D. Finch & Co. and living at 40 Fee Street, Oamaru.

He had his medical on the day of his enlistment, details were as follows;

Apparent Age 20 Years, Height 5ft 8 inches, Weight 10st 8lb, Chest measurement - Minimum 34 inches, Maximum 35 inches.  

Complexion - Fair, Colour of Eyes - Grey, Colour of Hair - Red, Religious Profession - Presbyterian, Distinctive Marks - Scars on abdomen and right leg and hand.

Victor left New Zealand for the Western Front from Wellington on 16/07/1917,arriving into Liverpool on 16/09/1917.

The same day, he was marched into to Tidworth Camp and posted to the Rifle Brigade.

He stayed here just over a week before being marched into Brocton Camp and posted to B Company on 27/09/1917.

It was from Brocton that Victor headed for France on 23/10/1917, joining up with his battalion and being posted to

A Company on 02/11/1917.

He was killed in action on 05/02/1918.

Victor was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.

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