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56027 Rifleman Owen John Robinson

D Company 1st Battalion

3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade

2nd February 1918 


Born in Auckland, New Zealand on 29/01/1894. His parents were Jonathan Robinson(08/05/1860-22/01/1920) and Jane Hughes(1865-02/11/1900).

They were married in 1887.

John(this seems to be his preferred choice rather than Owen) had a brother, Thomas Henry(1887-1888) and 2 sisters, Elizabeth Helen(1889-06/02/1973) and Margaret Jane(born in 1892).

Before enlisting, John was living as a boarder with Mrs Mckenzie at 98 Abelsmith Street, Wellington, whilst working for W.C. Hutchinson Contractor, Auckland  as a labourer. 

He enlisted on 10/04/1917 at Wellington Town Hall having previously served in D Company 3rd Auckland Territorial Regiment. 

His medical took place on the same day, details below;    

Apparent Age - 23 years, Height - 5ft 71/4 inches, Weight - 172lbs, Chest Measurement- Minimum - 341/2 inches Maximum - 373/4 inches, Complexion - Dark, Colour of Eyes - Blue, Colour of hair - Dark Brown,

Religious Profession - Methodist.

Distinctive Marks - Mole on the left of neck.

Remarks -  He speaks with a lisp since he had his teeth out.

                   He is a heavy smoker therefore cough.

                   Droop of right shoulder.

On 27/06/1917  he signed his will bequeathing all his property to his friend John Warden Baillie, a glazier from

Western Spring Road Auckland.  

A month later John left New Zealand for England on 26/07/1917, embarking in Wellington. Whilst aboard, John was found guilty of refusing to obey an order to lay out his kit for inspection and forfeited 7 days pay on 09/09/1917.

After nearly 2 months at sea, John was able to dis-embark in Plymouth on 24/09/1917, marching into Sling Camp, Wiltshire and being attached to the Canterbury Infantry Regiment the same day. 

3 days later he left Sling for Tidworth Camp and attached to the NZ Rifle Brigade and then moving onto Brocton Camp the same day.

It was from Brocton that John left for France on 26/12/1917 and marching into Etaples Camp 4 days later.

He joined his battalion in the field on 20/01/1918 and was posted to D Company.

John was killed in action on 02/02/1918.

He was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.      

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