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8/3665 L/Corporal Stanley Tilden Laurence

4th Company,2nd Battalion

New Zealand Otago Regiment

16th February 1918 

IMG_9833LCpl Stanley Laurence.jpg

Born on 31/03/1895 in Tariki, New Plymouth,

New Zealand.

His parents were Walter Tilden Laurence(14/05/1872-16/11/1952 and Flora Eugenie Olsen(11/10/1876-21/03/1961). They were married on 23/03/1893.

Stanley had 5 brothers,William Robert(1893-23/08/1970),Christen Frederick(02/12/1897-02/03/1978), Leslie Alfred(26/01/1900-31/05/1953), Eric(13/08/1901-05/05/1979)

and Ivan John(11/12/1912-09/01/1987).   

He also had 6 sisters, Vivienne Pearl(09/06/1896-05/02/1981), Lena Margurite(31/03/1903-01/10/1991),

Eva Kate(17/03/1905-03/07/1985), Rita Mabel(16/03/1908-25/04/1990), Phyllis Maisie(11/03/1910-11/06/1993) and Elizabeth Hope(1914-22/01/1915).

The family lived in Tariki, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Stanley enlisted in Trentham on 19/10/1915. At his medical, carried out previously on 21/08/1915,the following

details were recorded;

Declared age - 20 Years, Height 5ft 6 1/2 inches, weight 9 3/4 st, Chest Measurement Minimum 31 inches

Maximum 35 inches. Colour of eyes - grey, Colour of hair - brown, condition of teeth - poor. 

Stanley embarked abroad on +08/01/1916, disembarking in Suez on 07/03/1916, where he was posted to

4th Company.

His switch to the Western Front began on 09/04/1916, when he boarded the Llandovery Castle in Alexandria 

bound for France.

Just over a year later(13/04/1917), Stanley was promoted to Lance Corporal,

He was given leave in the UK on 19/07/1917, before re-joining his battalion on 30/07/1917. 

Stanley was killed in action on 16/02/1918.

He was awarded the British War and Allied Victory medals.

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