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Poperinghe New Military               Cemetery

Poperinghe New Military Cemetery is located 10.5 Kms west of Ieper town centre, in the town of Poperinge itself. From Ieper, Poperinge is reached via the N308.
From Ieper town centre the Poperingseweg (N308), is reached via Elverdingsestraat then directly over two small roundabouts in the J. Capronstraat. The Poperingseweg is a continuation of the J. Capronstraat and begins after a prominent railway level crossing. On reaching the town of Poperinge, the left hand turning from the N308 leads onto the R33 Poperinge ring road. 1 Km along the N33 lies the right hand turning onto Deken De Bolan. The cemetery is located 100 metres from the ring road level with Onze Vrouwedreef on the right hand side of the road.

The town of Poperinghe (now Poperinge) was of great importance during the First World War because, although occasionally bombed or bombarded at long range, it was the nearest place to Ypres (now Ieper) which was both considerable in size and reasonably safe. It was at first a centre for Casualty Clearing Stations, but by 1916 it became necessary to move these units further back and field ambulances took their places.
The earliest Commonwealth graves in the town are in the communal cemetery. The Old Military Cemetery was made in the course of the First Battle of Ypres and was closed, so far as Commonwealth burials are concerned, at the beginning of May 1915. The New Military Cemetery was established in June 1915.
The New Military Cemetery contains 677 Commonwealth burials of the First World War and 271 French war graves.
The cemetery was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield

Lieutentant William Alban Stickland

         85th Royal Field Artillery

                   23rd May 1916

Born on 26-11-1890 in Bellary,India.He was Baptised in Bellary,India on 31-12-1890.

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Albert George Stickland,a Sergeant Major in The Somerset Light Infantry,his mother,Alice,along with his brother and sister at

13th Regiment ,Taunton Depot,Somerset.

His regimental number was 37551 with his rank being that of sergeant in 351th brigade Royal Field Artillery. He was commisioned on 01-10-1914 and his disembarkation into France was on 06-10-1914.

On 18-07-1915 he married Lydia Elizabeth Brennan.

He was killed in action on 23-05-1916.

In his will,his address was recorded as being 161 Parkdale Road,Plumstead,Kent and the administration of his will (£54(today worth £5009.29)) was given to Joseph Patrick Brennan

(an army pensioner).    

12503 Serjeant Jack Donald Oliver

            Coldstream Guards

                27th May 1916

Born in St James,Middlesex in 1897.

In the 1911 census he is recorded as living with his widowed mother,Jessie,a lodging house keeper at 11 Jevington Gardens,Eastbourne,Sussex.

 He enlisted in Coalville and his dis-embarkation into France was on 15-08-1915.

He was accidentally drowned on 27-5-1916.

In his will he left £50(worth today £4638.23) to his mother.

 879 Private Frank Smith

Royal Army Medical Corps

        12th July 1916

Born on 17-10-1888 in Lindley,Yorkshire.He was baptised on 08-03-1891.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Richard Arthur Smith,a cloth finisher,his mother Alice(nee Moorhouse(married 14-01-1888)) and brother John at 13 Weatherhill Road,Lindley,Huddersfield. He was employed as a weaver in the woollen manufacturer.

He married Hilda Scott on 21-10-1911.

He enlisted in Huddersfield and his dis-embarkation into France was on 15-08-1914.

He was killed in action on 12-07-1916.

 201463 Rifleman James Henry Maher

5th Battn. The Kings Liverpool Regiment

                   26th January 1917

Born in Liverpool on 02-02-1887.He was baptised on 28-02-1887.

In the 1891 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Edward John Maher,a dock labourer

(he died in 1907),his mother Sarah Jane (nee Graham(married 1876)),along with his 3 brothers

and sister at 2c Eldon Street,Liverpool.

In 1906 he married Annie Garvey and in the 1911 census they are recorded as living at 11 Page Street,Liverpool along with their son Edward and daughter Mary.He was employed as a carter.

He enlisted in Liverpool and his original regimental number was 3845.

He was killed on 26-01-1917.

10036 Guardsman William Thomas Cockram

       1st Battn.The Coldstream Guards

                          11th May 1916

Born in Barnstaple,Devon in 1893.

In the 1901 census he is recorded as living with his father William, a plate layer for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway,his mother Elizabeth (nee Ennis (married 1885)),she died in 1913 aged 53,his two sisters,Lucy & Beatrice and brother Charles,in the village of Goodleigh,Barnstaple,Devon.

In the 1911 census the family had moved to 30 Grayden Street,Barnstaple.William was employed as a carter.

He enlisted in Barnstaple and his dis-embarkcation into France was on 13-08-1914.

He was killed in action at Poperinghe on 11-05-1916.


15464 Guardsman William Barker

1st Battn. The Coldstream Guards

                11th May 1916

Born in Wincobank,Yorkshire in 1893.

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as living with his father John Barker,a labourer in a boiler shop

(He died in 1909),his mother Mary (nee Greaves(married 1894)),along with his 2 brothers and sister

at 50 Chorlton Street,Brightside. 

On 21-12-1908 in Halifax, he enlisted into the West Riding Regiment,whilst still serving in the 7th Battn. Reserve West Riding Regiment.He was recorded as being employed as a collier and was 5ft 6 inches in height and weighing 124lbs.He had a fresh complexion with grey eyes and brown hair.

when war broke out he re-enlisted in Sheffield and his dis-embarkation into France was on 21-12-1915.

He was killed in action on 11-05-1916.


16074 Guardsman Herbert Henry Jetson Brewster

          1st Battn. The Coldstream Guards

                          11th May 1916

Born in Northampton in 1881.He was baptised on 06-10-1881.

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Henry Jetson Brewster,a clerk in a brewery,

his mother,Annie Maria(nee Mackness(married 1879)) at 3 Park Street Northampton. 

In 1906 he married Annie Leverett.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his wife and 1 year old son ,Harold

at 146 Murchison Road,Lower Leyton,Essex .He was employed as a clerk at a brewers.

He enlisted in Stratford,Essex and his dis-embarkation into France was on 21-12-1915.

He was killed in action on 11-05-1916.

 13161 Guardsman George Bratt

1st Battn. The Coldstream Guards

                11th May 1916

Born in West Bromwich in 1895.

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as living with his father Richard Bratt,a brickyard labourer,his mother Eliza (nee Simcox(married 1889)), along with his 2 brothers at 118 Great Green Road,West Bromwich. 

In 1904 his father died aged 36 and his mother remarried in 1906 to Walter Cash.

In the 1911 census, he was recorded living with his step father,Walter Cash and his mother(she died in 1916) at 16 Farley Street Great Bridge,Tipon.He was employed as a straitner in a tube factory.

He enlisted in West Bromwich and his dis-embarkation into France was on 09-02-1915.

He was killed in action on 11-05-1916. 

 23158 Private Charles Harry Joesph Caswell

6th Battn. Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

                 20th September 1915

Born in St John's Leamington Spa,Warwickshire in 1894.He was baptised on 06-03-1895.

In 1911 he is recorded as living with his father Harry Caswell,a general labourer(formerly in 1895

he was a Private in 1st Battn. Warkickshire Regiment),his mother Mary Ann(nee Clark(married 1894))

along with his brother William and 3 sisters,  May,Clara and Winifred at

8 Charles Street Leamington Spa,Warwickshire.He was employed as a florists porter.

He enlisted in Leamington and his dis-embarkation was on 17-06-1915.

He died of his wounds whilst en route to Number 43 Field Ambulance on 20-09-1915.

      3774 Private Albert Askey

2nd Battn. Notts & Derby Regiment

                2nd July 1915

Born in Scropton,Derbeyshire in 1891.He was baptised on 14-06-1891.

His parents were Issac Askey,a general labourer,later to become a farmer and Hannah(nee Durose(married 09-02-1885)).His parents lived at Hare Hill, Sudbury,Derbyshire from 1911.He also had three brothers,Samuel,Frederick and Issac( he was a private(21851) in the 4th Grenadier Guards from 09-01-1915 to 20-11-1918.He had adwarded the Military medal (mentioned in the London Gazette on 23-02-1918 and later awarded a Bar to his medal.He was captured on13-04-1918 and was made a prisoner of war until the hostilities ended.).

In the 1911 census,Albert was recorded as working as a general man on a farm at East Mammerton,Longford,Derby.

He enlisted in Derby on 17-04 1914 and at his medical he was recorded as being 5ft 9 1/4 inches in height,weighing 135lbs,having grey eyes and light hair.He was also listed as being slightly flat footed,but not enough to refuse him entry into the regiment.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 11-11-1914.

On the 21-01-1915 he was awarded 10 days field punishment No.1 for failing to comply with an order.

He was killed in action on 02-08-1915 from a gunshot wound that went through his left thigh and penis.

22228 Private Martin Murray

  2nd Battn.Welch Regiment

        9th January 1917

Born in Ballina, Co.Mayo, Ireland  in 1892.

In the Irish census recorded on 02-04-1911,Martin is living with his widowed father John,a farmer.

His mother Catherine had died sometime between 31-03-1901 & 02-04-1911.

He also lived with his 3 brothers,John,Patrick & James and 2 of his 3 sisters ,Annie & Bridget.(His older sister Mary no longer lived at this address), in Tullyegan,Ballina rural Mayo,Ireland.

He enlisted in Carmarthen, Wales and on 09-01-1917 he died from wounds that were self inflicted.      


    16825 Gunner Horace Leon Abbott

    108th Brigade Royal Field Artillery

                       24th June 1917

Born in Shoreditch, Middlesex,London on 18-10-1887.He was baptised on 05-08-1888.

On 22-06-1891 aged 3 he entered Curtain Road School Hackney.

In the 1901 census, he is recorded as living with his father Louis Sampson Abbott, a ticket writer,a calligraphist and a sign maker,his mother Clara Jane (nee Shuker(married 26-12-1876)),along with his 2 brothers Harry Percy and Victor Hubert and sister Clara Louise at 336 Hackney Road, Bethnall Green, London.

He enlisted in London and his dis-embarkation into France was on 30-08-1915.

He was killed in action on 24-06-1917. 

 2nd Lieutenant Almeric Watkins Wood

5th Battn. Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry

              26th September 1915

Born in Bengal India in 1892.

His father was Richard Somerville Wood, a public lecturer(died in 14-01-1952),his mother was Frances Harriet (nee Moodie(married 1887)) who died on 08-12-1907.He had a brother Francis Afleck Lahoup(died in December 1970) and a sister Edith Violet(died March 1979).His parents were recorded as living at 80 Beaufort Mansions, Chelsea, London.

In the 1911 census, Almeric was recorded as visiting 25 Ryder Street, St James, Westminster and listed as being a student at Oxford University.

He was educated at Beaumont College where he was captain of the school and captain of the boats. He was at Merton College , Oxford from 1910 to 1913 and was placed in the second class in the honour History School and rowed in the Merton Eight at Henley 1912 & 1913.

On the outbreak of war he joined the 3rd Battalion of the Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, but was posted to the 5th Battalion and while directing his platoon on 25-09-1915 he was fatally wounded and died of his wounds on 26-09-1915.*

83699 Wheeler Dennis Robert Linford

     38th Brigade Royal Field Artillery

                   30th August 1915

Born in walsingham, Norfolk in 1892.

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Horace,a team master on a farm,his mother Anna Maria (nee Burnett(married in 1886))along with sisters May and Hilda and brother Horace at Wine Park, Walsingham, Norfolk.

In the 1911 census he was recorded as being a boarder at Stonham,Stowmarket.He was employed as a wheelwright.

He enlisted in Derby and his dis-embarkation into France was on 06-07-1915.

He died  of illness on 30-08-1915.   

10393 Private Richard William Dawes

  1st Battn. Shropshire Light Infantry

               2nd September 1915

Born in St Chad's Shrewsbury in 1896.

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Richard Arthur Dawes,a postman,his mother Gertrude Louisa Glendenning(nee Baguley(married 1896)),who died on 30-03-1947,along with his 3 brothers,Arthur,Reginald and Harry(he died in December 1982) and his 2 sisters,Edith Nellie(she died in March 1930) and Gertrude at 2 Court,Claremont Hill,St Chad,Shropshire.

He enlisted in Shrewsbury and his dis-embarkation into France was on 10-09-1914.

He died of his wounds at the 17th Field Ambulance on 02-09-1915.

His father also served during the war in the Royal Engineers Postal Section as a pioneer(144061) and he died at the Middlesex Military Hospital ,Hampstead on 24-02-1919.      

9881 Rifleman Louis Reid

  3rd Battn. Rifle Brigade

    8th September 1915

Born in Northampton in 1877.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Alexander Nottage Reid,a leather seller,his mother Hannah(nee Fisher(married 1875)) along with his 3 brothers,Henry(he died December 1968),George and Edwin and his 4 sisters,Lily,Ellen,Annie and Nellie,at 39 Artizan Road Northampton.He was employed as a ruff stuff man in a shoe manufactuers.

He enlisted in Northampton and his dis-embarkation into France was on 10-09-1914.

He died of his wounds near Ypres on 08-09-1915. 

    2nd Lieutenant Frederick Tom Harris

49th Brigade B Battery Royal Field Artillery

                  19th September 1915

Born in Bishops Castle Shropshire on 11-12-1890.

In the 1901 census he is recorded as living with his father Arthur John Harris,owner of his own Drapers & Grocery business(he died 06-02-1936),his mother Margaret Elizabeth (nee Meddins(married 1890) who died in March 1948, along with his twin brother Arthur George and sisters Gwendolin(she died March 1978) and Margaret Joy at The Square,Bishops Castle,Shropshire.

He died of his wounds on 19-09-1915.

His twin brother Arthur also served in ww1 enlisting on 12-09-1914 as a Private in the Army Veterinary Corps,befors gaining a commission in the 2/3rd Monmouthshire Regiment on 26-05-1915.

He was recorded as being 5ft 7inches in height and with being a twin it was likely that this was also Fredericks height.   

32098 Private Frank Hannaford Hurworth

            Royal Army Medical Corps

                28th September 1915

Born in West Hartlepool in 1897.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father John Edward Robinson Hurworth,

a relieving officer for the board of guardians(he died on 29-12-1913),His mother Mary Ann

(nee Parsons(married 1882)) along with his 2 sisters Nellie Adele (she died March 1970)

and Edith Mary(she died June 1943) and his brother Bertrand James(he died March 1938) at

13 Granville Avenue,West Hartlepool.

He enlisted in West Hartlepool and his dis-embarkation into France was on 21-05-1915.

He died of his wounds at No.43 Field Ambulance on 28-09-1915.

  B/540 Rifleman Sydney Hastilow

         8th Battn.Rifle Brigade

            11th October 1915

Born in Edmonton ,Middlesex in 1888.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Charles Hastilow,a watchman for Hackney Borough Council,his mother Amy (nee Tong(married 04-08-1880)) at

20 Colenso Road,Lower Clapton.

He was employed as a silver polisher.

On 23-02-1913 he married Emily Mabel Summers.

He enlisted in Hackney and his dis-embarkation into France was on 20-05-1915.

He died of his wounds on 11-10-1915.

Major Henry Humphreston Scott Vaughan

       83rd Battery Royal Field Artillery

                     24th April 1916

Born in Kensington ,London in 1877.

In the 1881 census,he is recorded as living with his father,the Reverend Henry Francis John Vaughan(was Jones),co heir of the baroness of Dudley Tipoft Parish,a Batchelor of Arts and lord of the manor of Humphreston Salop(he died on 17-07-1930),his mother Mary Doothea Scott Stokes,married in 1876(she died on 18-03-1919),along with his brother, John Courtenay,Folliott,Dudley at 30 Edwardes Square Kensington,London.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 07-11-1914.

He was mentioned in despatches(London Gazette 15 -06-1915).

He was killed in action on 24-04-1916.

In his will,his address was given asThe Rosary ,Ashburton,Derbyshire. His effects of £950 7s 3d(today worth £88,160.08) were left to his brother John,A Staff Surgeon in the Royal Navy.  

2nd Lieutenant William Lionel Phillips Griffith-Jones

 3rd Battn. attd to 2nd Battn.Durham Light Infantry

                               12th July 1916

Born on 13-11-1890 in Aberystwyth,Cardiganshire,Wales.

His father was Griffith Jones J.P.,a barrister at law on the South Wales circuit.His mother was Annie Laughame Phillips.He had 4 brothers, Oswald Phillips,Melville Phillips(died 09-01-1966),Evan Gordon Phillips and John Stanley Phillips and also a sister Margaret Lynette.

He was educated at the University College London.

At the outbreak of the war,he was working as the assistant manager on the estates of the Bukit Mertajam Rubber Company Ltd near Penang,Malaysia,but returned to England and obtained a commission in the Durham Light Infantry,serving with the expeditionary force in France & Flanders.

He underwent a bombing course and took part in many actions and in March 1916 he was awarded a Military Cross for "conspicuous gallantry.He took part in a raid on enemy trenches and was the first man to enter them.He shot the sentry and set a fine example of coolness."

He was killed on 12-08-1916 as a result of a bombing accident.He was instructing a party of bombers in throwing live bombs.One of the men was in the act of throwing a live grenade when it exploded in his hand.Lt Griffith-Jones was hit by some fragments and died in about a minute.*

*de Ruvigny's Roll of Honour 1914-18 Book 4 Page 95

2nd Air Mechanic Percy Edward Knightly

                  Royal Flying Corps

                 14th February 1917

Born In Haggerston Middlesex on 21-06-1890.

At the age of 7,he was admitted to the Sidney Road School,Hackney on 01-08-1897.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father George Edward Knightly(he died March 1955),a leather case maker,his mother Alice Maria(nee Day(married 06-08-1888))who died June 1938 along with his 2 brothers George Ernest and Albert Victor(he died December 1973) and 2 sisters, Alice Maud(she died January 1990) and Lily May (she died June 1962) at

84 Ballance Road ,Homerton,Hackney.Percy was employed as an apprentice chair maker.

In 1914 he married Mabel Keen and they had a son Ronald George Edward on 24-06-1916.

He enlisted in August 1916 and was killed in action whilst flying with 2Lt FW Nisbet(see below) near Poperinghe on 14-02-1917.

His brother George also fought in WW1. He was a Private(2700) in the 4th Battn. London Regiment and was killed in action in France on 08-09-1916 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial.

Percy's wife Mabel remarried in 1922 to Ernest Woolhead and emigrated to Canada taking Percy's son Ronald with them and arriving on 25-04-1926.

In WW2 Ronald joined the Royal Canadian Air Force,serving as a Warrant Officer1(2030) with his trade being as a wireless & electrical mechanic.

He was serving in Newfoundland,when he was struck by a motor truck on 25-11-1942 and died from his injuries the next day.    

2nd Lieutenant Frederic William Nisbet

 1st Battn. Yorkshire Dragoons attd to

   46th Squadron Royal Flying Corps

              14th February 1917

Born in Kingston Surrey on 27-08-1897.He was baptised on 18-09-1897.

In the 1901 census, he is recorded as living with his father,William Nisbet,a wholsale mantle manufacturer,his mother Ellen Louise(nee Guille(married 20-01-1891)),along with his brother Douglas Guille and 3 sisters, Edith May,Daisy Eveline and Winifred Ethel(she died June 1972)

at Sherington House,8 Grove Crescent Kingston,Surrey. 

He was educated at Shrewsbury House School,Surbiton and Marlborough College ,Wiltshire.

Upon leaving college,he took up an engineering apprenticeship with the Great Northern Railway company at Doncaster.

At the outbreak of war he enlisted at Doncaster on 31-08-1914 in the Yorkshire Dragoons and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the 2/1st Yorkshire Dragoons on 18-06-1915.

He began his aviation training at No.2 School of Military Aeronautics,Oxford on 11-09-1916.

Flight training started with 58 Squadron before moving to 63 Squadron,both based at Cramlington.

On the 15-12-1916 he was seconded to the Royal Flying Corps after being appointed a flying officer.

His dis-embarkation into France with 46th Squadron was on 08-02-1917 and he was killed in a flying accident along with 2nd Air Mechanic PE Knightly on 14-02-1917.

His brother Douglas also fought in WW1 as a Lieutenant with the 3rd Battn. South Wales Borderers(SWB) attached to the 5th Battn.SWB.He was killed in action on 10-06-1916 and is buried in Aveluy Communal Extension Cemetery,Picardie,France.

The photograph to the left is of Frederic standing infront of his Avro 504A  A526 that he crashed due to engine failure at Cramlington Aerodrome,Northumberland on 06-12-1916.*

Captain William Arthur Irvine Buchanan

      50th Mobile Veterinary Section

        Royal Army Veterinary Corps

                     24th July 1917

Born in Castletown,Fintona,Co.Tyrone,Ireland on 24-05-1892.

In the 1911 Irish census,he is recorded as living with his father,John Gerard Buchanan,the bank manager of the Northern Bank in Fintona,his mother,Annie Elizabeth(nee Johnston(married 1891)) along with his 2 brothers,Hugh Johnston and John Gerard and 3 sisters,Martha Elizabeth,Amelia Mary Gertrude And Mabel Dorothy at 23 Main Street,Fintona,Co.Tyrone,Ireland.

He was educated at Omagh Academy ;Esdale's College Belfast and the Royal Veterinary College of Ireland in Dublin.

He qualified as a July 1914.

On the outbreak of war ,he volunteered his services and was gazetted Lieutenant Special Reserve Army Veterinary Corps on 31-08-1914.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 05-10-1914 and he was present at the 1st battle of Ypres,

the battle for Neuve Chapelle and subsequent engagements.

He returned to England in November 1915 to take command of the 50th Mobile Veterinary Section of the 39th Division and was promoted to Captain on 01-02-1916.

He returned to France on 08-03-1916 and was killed in action between Popperinghe and Elveringhe on 24-07-1917.

He was mentioned in despatches(London Gazettte 22-06-1915) by Field Marshall John French for gallant and distinguished service in the field. 

    2nd Lieutenant Herbert George Driffield

  19th Battn. London Regiment attached to

10th Battn.Queens Own West Kent Regiment

                        1st August 1917

Born in Old,Northamptonshire on 09-06-1882.He was baptised on 06-07-1882.

His father was the Reverend George Townshend,the rector of Old(he died on 22-04-1901 age 84).His mother was Mary Anne (nee Lamont(married 1879))she died 08-10-1918 age 74.He had one older brother,Lancelot Townshend(born 10-08-1880,died due to heart disease on 09-10-1917).

In the 1901 census ,he is recorded as being a schoolboy student at Monkton Combe College,Bath,Somerset.

In 1907 he emigrated to Canada aboard "The Victorian" arriving on 23-03-1907 to work as a farmhand.

He returned to England,possibly at the outbreak of the war and he enlisted as a Private (6174) in the 19th Battn. London Regiment.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 14-11-1915.

He was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the 12th Battn.Royal West Kents on 06-07-1916.

He died of his wounds on 01-08-1917.

S4/038396 Lance Corporal William French

             Royal Army Service Corps

                  14th February 1917

Born in 1889 in Huntington,Huntingshire.

In the 1891 census ,he is recorded as living with his widowed mother Mary Ann French,Inn keeper of the Queens Head and his older brother Alfred at 44 High Street,Huntington,huntingtonshire.

He enlisted on 27-11-1914 in Sittingbourne,kent.

He was killed on 14-02-1917 by a bomb dropped by an enemy aeroplane.

Major Edward Charles Randolph Kilkelly MC

      186th Brigade Royal Field Artillery

                      26th June 1917

Born in Farnborough,Kent on 19-11-1895.

His father was Lieutenant Colonel Charles Ranolph Kilkelly,Grenadier Guards retired

(he died on 14-08-1953 age 92).

In the 1901 census,he recorded as living with his mother ,Florence Mary(nee Petre(married 1893),

she died on 24-01-1956 and his brother, Gerald Patrick at

43,Albert Hall Mansions,Kensington Gore,London.

He also had a sister,Patricia Frances,who was born in 1903 and died in 1972. 

He was educated at Downside & Wellington Colleges.He entered Woolwich as a Royal Artillery cadet in 01-1914 passing out first among the cadets in 11-1914.He was commissioned  2Lt in the Royal Field Artillery on 17-11-1914 and went to France the same month.

During the fighting he was wounded 4 times and was awarded the Military Cross

(London Gazette 298886/1 01-01-1917)

He was killed in action near Ypres on 26-06-1917.

In his will his effects of £273 8s 2d(worth today £25,362.64) were left to his father.

His brother Gerald,became a Lieutenant Colonel of the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars Armoured Corps in WW2 and was killed by a bomb dropped by an American plane whilst being held as a prisioner of war in a German camp near Brunswick on 24-08-1944.*

    2093(325179) Private Joseph Hillary

     1/9th Durham Light Infantry attd to

171st Tunnelling Company Royal Engineers

                     25th August 1917

Born in Stanley Crook,Durham in 1893.

In the 1911 census he is recorded as living with his father,Colling Hillary,a coal miner hewer(he died 04-07-1952),his mother,Sarah(nee Robson(married 1889).She died in December 1918(Colling remarried in 1932 to Amelia Morris).His brother William Henry(he died December 1949),his sister Ann and his fathers adopted son Norman Allinson at 14 Brockwell Street,Quebec,Durham.

Joseph was employed as a coal miner assisting underground.

He enlisted at Chopwell,Durham into the Durham Light Infantry and his dis-embarkation into France was on 20-04-1915.

At some time he was attached to the 171st Tunnelling Company and was killed in action on 25-08-1917.


             Captain James Bruce


             Royal Field Artillery

                 25th July 1917 

Born in St Vigeans,Forfarshire on 02-12-1887.

In the 1901 Scottish census,he is recorded as living with his father,Frederick John Bruce,brother of the 9th Earl of Elgin(he died 25-01-1920),his mother Katherine Fernie(she died 29-02-1917) along with his 3 brothers,Lewis(he died 23-03-1961),Charles(he died 18-09-1958) and Richard Frederick David(he died 03-01-1928) and 4 sisters,Margaret(she died 02-02-1923),Marion,Katherine(she died 12-1967) and Janette Elizabeth(she died 12-1966) at Seaton House ,Arbroath,Scotland.

He was killed in action near Ypres on 25-07-1917.

Major Maurice Hewson Wilkinson MC

      177th Tunnelling Company

                 Royal Engineers

                  31st July 1917

Born in Gateshead,Durham in 1877.

In the 1881 census,he is recorded as living with his father the Reverend John Wilkinson,a clergyman,his mother Mary Adelaide (nee Tyacke(married 1863)),she died on 17-05-1882 and John later remarried widow Ethel Mary Hurford,but he died in 1908.He also lived with his 2 brothers, John Richard and Leonard and also his 6 sisters,Josephine Marie Adelaide,Eleanor Maria,Helena Maria,Mary,Maud and Caroline at 4 Millicent Terrace Gateshead Co.Durham.

At the outbreak of war, Maurice was engaged in mining work in China.He returned home and gained a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the South Wales Borderers.After transferring to the Royal Engineers his dis-embarkation into France was on 01-07-1915.

During 2 years of service at the front,he had been wounded and gassed, being promoted to Major and had won the Military Cross(London Gazette:30111/4 Jun 1917(c)).He was killed on 31-07-1917 at Railway Wood near Ypres by a shell when he was on his way to the front line.

In his will he gave his address as Men Ton Kon Tientsin China and effects of £744 19s 3d (worth today £58,465.49) to his brother Leonard.*

*Register of the Royal Grammar School Newcastle upon Tyne 1545-1954

        265750 Private Francis John Kay

1/6th Duke of Wellington's Regiment(West Riding)

                           23rd April 1918

Born in Lothersdale,Keighley,Yorkshire in 1893.

In the 1901 census ,he is recorded as living with his father,William Golding Kay,a carter on a farm

(he died 09-06-1932),his mother Mary (nee Tilford(married 20-01-1869)),she died on 01-10-1904,along with his brother Joseph William(he died 12/1942) and 3 sisters,Alice(she died 06/1950),Eva(she died 03/1977) and Rachel Golding(she died 03/1958)

at 6 William Street Clone,Lancashire.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded working on his brother in laws farm,

Whitting Hall(High Fold) Farm,Lothersdale near Keighley.

He enlisted in Skipton and was killed accidently  on 23-04-1918.

In his will he left his effects of £109 12s(worth today £6,859.27) to his sister Annie Smith.     

    Captain Christopher Godfrey Guy

 1st/4th Northamptonshire Regiment

    attched to The Royal Flying Corps

                12th August 1917

Born in Eton ,Buckinghamshire on 09-12-1893.

He is recorded in the 1901 census as living with his father,The Reverend Frederick Godfrey Guy,a clerk of holy orders(he died in 1937),his mother,Constance louisa (nee Johnson(married 21-08-1888),she died in 1947.He also lived with his 3  sisters,Constance,Eanswythe Louisa(she died in 1914) and Magdalen(she died in 05/1987) at  Vicarage House,Manea,Cambridgeshire.

He was educated at Gore Court,Sittingbourne and Eton.

He applied for a commission to the territorial Force on 05-08-1914 and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant

on 02-09-1914 and posted to 4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment (T.F.)

Promoted to temporary Lieutenant on 8-10-1914.

Appointed as temporary Captain on 6th March 1915.

Embarked overseas on 29-07-1915 aboard "HMT Royal George" with 1/4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment (T.F.) and landed at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli on 15-08-1915.

Served at Suvla in August and Hill 60 in 09/1915.

Reported sick on 01-10-1915, and evacuated from Anzac, Gallipoli to Lemnos aboard H.M.H.S. "Formosa" on 9-10-1915.

Admitted to Hospital on Lemnos suffering from typhoid dyptheria and jaundice.

Evacuated to England aboard H.M.H.S. "Aquitania" on 20-10-1915.

Disembarked at Southampton on 26-10-915 and admitted to Welsh Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley on 27-10-1915.

Recovered from disease by 02-12-1915, and sent to convalesce at Bournemouth following a Medical Board at Netley on 08-12-1915.

Joined 3/4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment on 04-04-1916.

Promoted to Lieutenant effective 30-04-1915, in 05/1916.

Attached to the Royal Flying Corps in the autumn of 1916.

Relinquished rank of temporary Captain on alteration of posting, 26-05-1917.

Seconded to Royal Flying Corps and appointed as a Flying officer on 26-05-1917.

Completed training and joined 29th Squadron as a scout pilot in July 1917, probably flying Nieuport 23 Scouts.

 On the 11-08-1917 Capt Guy was flying a Nieuport 23 B1518  on an Offensive Patrol, having left Poperinghe aerodrome at 1750, when he was engaged in combat with three enemy aircraft over Houthulst Wood at about 1840, and his Nieuport was seen to go down spinning behind enemy lines. Ltn d R Friedrich Wendland of Jasta 35 claimed a Nieuport at 1830.

Admitted unconscious to a German Field hospital at Wynendaele, suffering from a fracture to the base of the skull, a fractured jaw, and a compound fracture of the left arm above and below the elbow and wounds to the head, right knee and right foot.

Died at 6.15pm on 12-08-1917 as a result of cerebral haemorrage.

Buried at Wynendaele Cemetery, Plot. 12.

Later reburied in Plot II. L. 9. of Poperinghe New Military Cemetery.

In his will,effects of £1068 9s 6d(today worth  £83,855.11) were to his father. *

Lieutenant Edward Reginald Spofforth

       5th Battn. Yorkshire Regiment

                   2nd March 1916

Born in York on 1501-1891.He was baptised 0n 14-08-1891.

In the 1911 census he is recorded as living with his widowed mother Mary Darley(nee Fligg(married 15-10-1886)),she died 14-06-1923 age 70.He also lived with his sister,Frances Mary (she died 30-05-1961) at 9 Granville Road Scarborough.He was employed as an insurance clerk.

His father,who had also been an insurance clerk, had died on 30-11-1891 age 44.

He was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Middlesex Regiment before being promoted to Lieutenant in 50th Battalion Machine Gun Corps.He then transferred to the 5th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment.

He took part in the first battle of Ypres,but soon afterwards he caught scarlet fever and was shipped home for a month.whilst recovering ,he served at the regimental base in Scarborough.

He was sent back to France in 01/1916.

He was killed in action on 02-03-1916 after being mortally wounded by a trench mortar shell and dying within an hour.

In his will,effects of £962 11s 11d(worth today £89,294.90) were left to his mother and sister.

He is also remembered on the Sledmere War Memorial  in East Yorkshire.

      Captain John Maughan

4th Battn. Yorkshire Regiment

         17th February 1916

Born in Abbey Hill,Jervaulx,Ripon,Yorkshire on 04-01-1890.

In the 1891 census,he is recorded living with his father,John Maughan,a land agent and late Captain and hon.Major of 1st (volunteer) Battalion,The Yorkshire Regiment(he died 11-06-1946),his mother Annie(nee Robinson(married 1887)),along with his sister Dorothy at Jervaulx,East Witton,Yorkshire.

He also had another sister,Annie Featherston who was born in 1893(she died in 03/1978).

His mother died in 1896 and his father remarried on 14-07-1897 to Frances Haslewood(she died on 17-11-1947) and they had 2 sons Thomas Boulby,who became a  Major with the Irish Guards in the 2nd World War and was killed in a motor accident on 29-07-1944 and Ralph Feilding,who became a land agent and died on 21-04-1982.

He was educated at Marlborough College.

It was whilst working as a land agent that John obtained a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Battalion ,The Yorkshire Regiment(Territorial Force) on 18-06-1908.He was promoted to Lieutenant on 01-03-1911.

At the outbreak of war ,he applied to join the Imperial force and was promoted to Captain on 03-11-1914.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 17-04-1915.

On the 01-01-1916,he was mentioned in despatches by Field Marshall Sir John French,for gallant and distinuished service in the field.

He was killed in action near Ypres on 17-02-1916.

In his will administration was carried out by his father ,with his effects worth £435,5s,2d(today worth £40,376.60).

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