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St Pol Communal Cemetery Extension

The town of St Pol is about 29 kilometres south-west of Bethune and 34 kilometres west-north-west of Arras. The Communal Cemetery Extension is situated on high ground next to the old Communal Cemetery and is reached by a steep road, Rue de Cimetiere, on the north side of the old N39 road to Arras.The Extension was made alongside the "Cimetiere Thuillier" (which is more than 500 years old) by the French Tenth Army, and in March 1916-April 1918, the British Plot was added in the South-West quarter.There are now over 200, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site.The British Plot covers an area of 1,111 square metres. *


6025 Shoeing Smith Miles John McArdle

   11th Prince Albert's Own Hussars

             12th April 1917 Age 34

Born in Hounslow Heath in 1883.

In the 1891 census,He is recorded living with his father,Hugh,

a shoemaker,his mother Mary along with his 3 sisters and 3 brothers in Hounslow.

After his death,his mother by then a widow,is living at 101 Standard Road ,Hounslow,Middlesex.

He enlisted in Kingston upon Thames and his dis-embarkation into France was on 17-10-1915.

He died at number 12 station hospital on 12-4-1917.  

    333824 Private Albert Henry Featherstone

9th (Gordon Highlanders) Highland Light Infantry

                      29th April 1917 Age 27

Born in Stockton-on-Tees in 1890.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Thomas,a Compositor for printing,his mother Rosie

and his sister at 17 Edwards Street,Stockton-on-Tees.

He was employed as a general labourer.

He died on 29-4-1917. 

       265766 Serjeant John Walter Ogden

Prince of Wales Own West Yorkshire Regiment

              23rd November 1917 Age 42

       8225 Private Adam Laidlaw

  2nd Kings Own Scottish Borderers

     30th November 1917 Age 50

Born in Leeds on 9 October 1877.

His parents were John and Elizabeth and in the 1881 census he is recorded living with them and his brother and sister at 17 Montrose Street,Leeds.

His father was employed as a mechanic.

He married Gertrude Faulkner in 1902 and in the1911 census,he is recorded as living with her and their 3 daugthers at 7 Methley Mount,Chapel Allerton.

He was employed as a Tramway Motorman.

He enlisted in Leeds .

He died of Tonsilitis on 23rd November 1917.

He was only aged 40 and not 42 as his headstone states.

At the time of his death ,his wife is recorded as living at

18 Wilton Grove,Monkbridge Road,Headingley.

Born in Edinburgh on 17 April 1868.

His parents were Adam and Mary(nee Baillie) and he is recorded in the 1881 Scottish census as living with them and his sister and 2 brothers at 341 Cowgate(Scotts front land).

His father was employed as a Coach Body Maker.

He enlisted in Edinburgh and his dis-embarkation into France was on 20-7-1915.

He died on 30-11-1917.

Though his service records are not available,he is clearly an ex soldier who re-enlisted as he is recorded as serving in the Chitral Expedition of 1895 and in the South African Campaign 1899-1902.

He was married at the time of his death to

Mary Shanley Laidlaw.

      275109(374)Serjeant John Carroll

     1/7th Battn. Manchester Regiment

               26th March 1918 Age 30

Born in Manchester in 1888.

In the 1891 census he is recorded as living with his widowed grandmother Elizabeth,a housekeeper,his parents,John, a hose pipe weaver and Catherine,a cotton winder and also an aunty and uncle at 18 Eltoft Byrom Street,Manchester.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his parents,(John is now a plasterers labourer) and 3 brothers and a  sister at 28 Eltoft Byrom Street ,Manchester.

He enlisted in Salford and his dis-embarkation into the Balkans was on 6-5-1915. He was dismissed from service on 25-4-1916,which probably indicates that he was wounded at Gallipoli.

He died of his wounds in France on 26-3-1918.

At the time of his death ,his parents were recorded as living at 65,Hough Lane,Broughton Road,Salford,Manchester.


11/1075 Private Thomas Cook Plaskitt

  11th Battn. East Yorkshire Regiment

             27th March 1918 Age 24

Born in Hull in 1893.

In the 1911 census he is recorded as living with his widowed father George,a general dealer and 3 sisters and a brother at 21 Granville Street,Hull.

He was employed as a shop assistant.

His mother was Mary Jane Quickfall, who had married george in 1882,but passed away in 1909.

He enlisted in Beverley on 10-9-1914.He is recorded as being 5ft 5inches in height,weighin 120lbs. He had a fresh complexion,hazel eyes and dark hair.

Whilst at Ripon he was disciplined for overstaying his pass from tattoo by 4 days 1 hour.He was confined to barracks for 8 days and fined his wages.

His dis-embarkcation into Alexandria,Egypt was on 23-12-1915. He entered France on 7-3-1916.

He died of wounds to his head causing a fractured skull at no.12 Station Hospital on 27-3-1918.  

            26689 Private Mark Kirby

       10th Battn.Yorkshire Regiment

         4th September 1917 Age 30

Born in Norton,Durham in 1885.

In the 1911 census he is recorded as living with his uncle Robert Barker ,his widowed mother Eleanor(her husband William,whom she married in 1883,died on 28-9-1906 aged 51.In his will,he left her £220 3s 10d,worth £23,933.18 today.) and his 2 brothers and 2 sisters at 2 William Terrace ,Norton-on-Tees.He was employed as a plasterer.

He enlisted in Stockton and died of pneumonia on 4-9-1917.


      Major Bernard Henry Alderston

                 34th Poona Horse

         2nd September 1917 Age 35

Born in Stanley,Yorkshire on 22-10-1881.

He was the son of Charles Sibbald Alderson,a bank manager and Emily Annie(nee brown)Alderson of Wyton Lodge,Hessle,though his father was a native of Wakefield.

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as being a 2nd lieutentant with the Yorkshire and Lancaster Regiment at Wellfield House,Barnsley.

On 8-1-1901 he was commisioned to the rank of Captain.

He was killed in a riding accident on 2-9-1917.

In his will,he left his estate worth £3446 6s 2d(worth £267,790.99 today) to his father.

       47078 Harold(Harry)Campbell

    19th Battn. Manchester Regiment

              10th March 1917 Age 25 

Born in Patricroft,Lancashire in 1892.

In the 1911 census ,he is recorded as living with his father William,a licensed vitualler,his mother Elizabeth and 2 sisters at 44 Liverpool Road,The Bowling Green Inn,Warrington.He was employed as a commerical clerk.

He enlisted on 9-12-1915 and is recorded as living at 49,Katherine Street,Aston Under Lyne. He was employed as a grocers assistant.

He was 5ft 5 1/2 inches in height and weighed 128lbs.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 9-12-1916.

He was admitted to Number 12 Stationary Hospital on 4-3-1917 and diagnosed with Lobar Pneumonia,attributable to exposure while on military duty.He died on 10-3-1917.

  Major William David Carswell-Hunt MC

            1/6th Durham Light Infantry

                  5th April 1917 Age 44

Born in Kirkcaldy ,Fife in 1872.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his wife,Margaret Ann(nee Thompson) Carswell-Hunt,(whom he married in 1894),along with his 2 sons and a daughter at 24 Hunter Street,South Shields.He was employed as the manager of Botantic Brewery.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 19-4-1915.

On 27-3-1917 he took command of 6th Durham Light Infantry.

Whilst travelling by car on 5-4-1917 from Blangerval and Blangermont to the front areas he died of heart failure.

His estate was left to his widow Margaret,who was now living at 30 Henry Street,Jarrow and it was worth £210,9s 3d(today worth £1917). **   

4336 Private Frederick Walter Brewster

        2/20th Battn. London Regiment

          13th September 1916 Age 19

Born in Brockley,London in 1897.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father Stephen,a labourer,his mother Emma Jane(nee Gorring),who married Stephen on 11-7-1880,and also his 3 brothers and 2 sisters at 1a Darfield Road,Crofton Park,London.

Aged just 13 on this census ,he was employed as a part time paper boy.

He enlisted in Blackheath and his dis-embarkcation into France was on 24-6-1916. He died of his wounds on 13-9-1916. 

         Captain Guy Neville Teale

      20 Squadron Royal Flying Corps

           20th July 1916 Age 19

Born in Wetherby on 9-9-1896.

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as living with his father Herbert Greenwood Teale,a solicitor,his mother Virginia Mary(nee Eagland(they married in 1890)) and his sister Phyllis Maude at Rutland Lodge,Rutland Road,Harrogate.

He took his flying certificate at the Military School,Harrow in a Maurice Farman biplane.

He was killed on 20-7-1916 whilst flying on voluntary duty.

In his will,he left his estate to his sister Phyllis worth £238 12s 4d(today worth £21,915.94)

     4023 Private Joseph Ewen

   4th Battn.Gordon Highlanders

       22nd May 1916 Age 16

         20311 Private George Biddle

     4th Battn.Worcestershire Regiment

              5th July 1916 Age 20

Born in Aberdeen in 1899.

In the 1901 Scottish census,he is recorded as living with his father,Joseph ,a general labourer,his mother Jane and older brother James at 37 Hutcheon Street,Aberdeen.

He enlisted in Aberdeen.

He died of his wounds at Number12 Stationary Hospital on 22-5-1916.    

Born in Claines,Worcester in 1896.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father Henry,a labourer in porcelain manufacturing,his mother Elizabeth alond with 2 brothers and 3 sisters at 5 May Cottages,Summer Street,Droitwich Road,Worcester.Aged 14 George was employed as a grocery porter.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 29-8-1915.

He died of his wounds at Number 12 Stationary Hospital on 5-7-1916.   


70513 Pioneer Arthur John Edward Savill

  Motor Air Line Section Royal Engineers

             27th March 1916 Age 17

Born in 1898 in London and was baptised on 19 June 1898.

In the 1911 census,he is recorded as living with his father Edward Henry Savill,a caretaker,his mother Ada(nee Brandon(they married in 1895)),along with his sister at 20 Victoria Street,Westminster,London.

He enlisted on 11-1-1915,lying about his true age of 17 by giving his age as 19.He stated that he was employed as a fitters improver.His height was given as 5ft 8 1/2 inches and his weight was 132lbs.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 19-7-1915.

He was killed accidently by electrocution on 27-3-1916.

On 28-3-1916 a court of enquiry was held at 3rd Company Headquarters into the deaths of 70513 Pioneer AJE Savill and 70902 Sapper AC Havelock. Both men were part of a team correcting telephone lines between St Pol and Troisvaux.Work had started at 8.45am and it was around 3pm when the accident occurred.whilst pulling the wires beween two poles,one of the wires caught on some bushes and then sprang up catching the live wire above,electrocuting both men.A verdict of accidental death was given.

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