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              1641 Private Alexander Kerr
       The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders)
                  13th November 1916

1641 Private Alexander Kerr_edited.jpg

Born at 08.50am on 14/05/1888 at 11 Lyne Street, Regent Road, Edinburgh.  His parents were Alexander Kerr (born in 1842-22/12/1912) and Janet Roberts (born in 1843-29/11/1915). They were married on 03/11/1865. 

Alexander had 5 brothers, George (born in 1864), Alexander (11/12/1867-26/02/1876), Peter (born in 1877), Alexander (1879-04/05/1881) and William (born on 15/02/1881).

He also had 5 sisters, Mary Margaret (1866-28/07/1868), Margaret (born on 02/01/1870), Janet (born in 1875), Cecilia (born in 1884) and Robina (born on 03/04/1886).

In the 1891(Scottish) census the family were recorded  living at 11 Lyne Street, Edinburgh. Alexander snr. was an unemployed railway marshal man.

The 1901(Scottish) census recorded that the family were now living at 5 Taylor Place, Edinburgh. Alexander snr, was employed as a stationary engineman, while Alexander was an apprentice hairdresser.  

In the 1911 census, it showed that the family had moved addresses again and were now living at 6 Sunnybank Terrace, Edinburgh, Alexander snr. was still employed as a stationary engineman and Alexander was now a  qualified hairdresser.

On 02/06/1911 Alexander married Annie McCombie (19/01/1889-1969)  and they had 2 children, Alexander (04/10/1912-1987) and William McDougall (born on 08/03/1914). 

Alexander enlisted in Pitlochry, Perthshire and was sent to France on 22/06/1916. He was killed in action on 13/11/1916.

He was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.

His widow, Annie was awarded a pension of 22/11 a week on 04/07/1917 to start from 28/05/1917.  

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