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3463 Serjeant David Hain Martin
The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders)
13th November 1916 


Born at 10.30pm on 12/02/1897 at Milton Mill, Anstruther, Wester, Fife , Scotland. He was the only child of David Stark Martin (07/10/1871-06/01/1938) and Isabella Blair (20/10/1873-28/09/1925). They were married on 06/12/1895. 

In the 1901(Scottish) census the family, were recorded as living at E.Pitikierie Cottar House, Kilrenny, Fife. David snr. was employed as a ploughman(working with horses). David however was recorded as being at his great grandparents, Alexander and Catherine Blair

(Alexander was a retired ploughman) house, Muiredge Cottar House, Kilrenny, Fife.  

In the 1911(Scottish) census, the family had moved and were now living at Muirside Farm Cottage, Crail, Fife. David was at school and his father was now working for Fife County Council as a road surfaceman.

David enlisted shortly after the war had broke out and was killed in action on 13/11/1916.

 The Dundee Courier, Wednesday November 22, 1916

Young Crail Sergeant Killed

A letter received yesterday by Mrs Martin, West Lane, Crail from Sergeant-Major R. Mitchell, Black Watch, states that her son, Sergeant David Martin was killed in action on November 13. It also stated that a company officer and platoon officer fell in this action.

Sergeant Martin, who was only about 20 years of age, was the only child of Mr and Mrs Martin. It is about two years since he enlisted in the Black Watch, and prior to enlistment he was a gardener. Enclosed in the letter notifying his death was a letter written by the sergeant to his mother on the day before his death, and which he had not had time to post.     

He was awarded the British War 1914-1918 and the Allied Victory medals.

His mother was awarded a pension of 7/6 a week from 05/06/1917.



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