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4272 Private John Cobb Goodfellow

The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders)
13th November 1916


Born on 20/02/1881 at 7.05pm in 37 Scott Street Perth, Scotland. His parents were David Black Goodfellow(born on 28/04/1854) and Jemima Gordon (born in 1854). They were married on 04/03/1874.

John had 5 brothers; James (1876-03/08/1916), Alexander (born in 1879), David Thompson (1887-03/09/1953), William (born in 1889) and George Gordon (15/01/1891- 1972).

He also had 2 sisters; Helen(born on 27/08/1874) and Agnes (born in 1883).

In the 1881(Scottish)Census, the family were recorded as living at 37 Scott Street Perth. David was employed as a railway pointsman.

The 1891(Scottish)Census showed that the family had moved and  were now living at 18 Abbot Street, Perth. David was still employed by the railway, but now as a signalman. 

On 25/08/1904, John married Christina Douglas Woad Mclaggan (18/03/1873-07/05/1922). At this time he was still living at 18 Abbot Street and employed as a dyer's finisher. His father David was now a railway guard. John left his job to work with his new father in law as a dairyman, whilst also moving into their family home at 16 Barossa Street, Perth.

John and Christina had 2 children, David(18/03/1905- 22/07/1949) and Helen( born on 29/03/1908 at 9.30am at 16 Barossa Street, Perth- died 05/06/1908 at 8.30am at 16 Barossa Street Perth of cardiac debility exhaustion).

In the 1911(Scottish)census, John was still working as a dairyman and living at 16 Barossa Street Perth.

John enlisted in Perth in March 1915 and was killed in action on 13/11/1916.


Perthshire Constitutional & Journal – Wednesday 22 November 1916

 Private John Goodfellow, Black Watch, husband of Mrs Goodfellow, 26 Pomerium Street, Perth, has been killed in action. Thirty-six years,

he was a native of Perth, and prior to enlistment. in March last he was a dairyman in Pomarium Street. He leaves a widow and one son.

Christina was awarded a pension of 18/9 a week from 28/05/1917.

John was awarded the the British War 1914-1918 and the allied Victory medals.

Christina passed away at The Royal Infirmary , Perth at 2.15pm on 07/05/1922 due to heart failure.   

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