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6180 Private Joseph Brady
The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders)
13th November 1916


Born on 05/01/1885 in Arthur Street, Dundee, Scotland. He was baptised on 21/01/1885. His mother was Maria Brady (born in 1864). No information was recorded as to who his father was.   

In the 1891(Scottish) census, Joseph was recorded living at his grandmothers house, 9 MacDonald Street, Dundee.

His mother married Peter McKiddie Moore(born in 1868) in 1895 and in the 1901(Scottish) census, Joseph was recorded as living with his mother and step-father at 6 North Erskine Street Dundee. Joseph was employed as a mill worker and his step-father Peter a labourer.

On 05/02/1916 he married Annie Murphy(born 26/12/1886), with their home being at 1 Burnett Street, Dundee.


Joseph was killed in action on 13/11/1916.

He was awarded the British War 1914-1918 and Allied Victory medals.



Dundee People’s Journal - Saturday 02 December 1916


Private Joseph Brady Black -Watch, whose relatives reside at Burnett Street, Dundee, has been killed in action. Private Brady was prior to the war a member of the territorial Force and was called up at the commencement of hostilities. He had been at the front for about two years. Before enlistment he was engaged as a jute mill overseer with Messrs Scott & Sons, Dundee. He was 29 years of age. Two brothers are serving with the colours, one in the K.O.S.B. and another in the H.L.I.*

* I have been unable to trace any records of the 2 brothers that the newspaper article mentions. 

His widow received a pension of 13/9 a week starting from 21/05/1917.

Dundee People’s Journal – Saturday 17 November 1917


In Memoriam


Brady – In loving memory of my dear husband, Pte Joseph Brady, Black Watch, killed in action 13th Nov.1916 - R.I.P.

Sleep on dear husband take thy rest,

God called you when he thought best.

Your heart was good, your spirit brave,

Your resting place is a soldier’s grave.

- Inserted by his sorrowing wife, 1 Burnett St, Dundee.

I think of thee in silence

When I see your vacant chair,

And  before God’s holy altar

I breathe a silent prayer.

- Inserted by his aunt Mrs Small 2 Hillbank Rd, Dundee.

We do not forget you, nor do we intend.

We think of you dearly and will to the end.

Gone and forgotten by some you may be,

But dear to our memory for ever you’ll be.

-inserted by Mr and Mrs Low 21 Lamb’s Lane, Dundee.




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