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           6211 Private William McLeod Potter
           The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders)
           13th November 1916 


Born at 01.43am on 06/03/1896 in Dundee. His parents were William Potter (born in 1861) and Jane Miller McLeod (born in 1861). They were married on 13/07/1891. 

William had a half sister Louisa (born on 22/11/1887) and a sister Lena Grant (born on 16/09/1891).

His father, never appears on the census documents, as on the children's birth documents he was recorded as being a merchant seaman and a marine stoker and so would have been away at sea at the time of the census..

In the 1901(Scottish) census, the family were recorded as living at 47 Wilkies Lane, Dundee. His mother was employed as jute weaver.

The 1911 (Scottish  census showed that the family had moved to 148 Brook Street, Dundee, Jane (his mother) was now employed as a power loom weaver. William was also now working as a booksellers message boy..


William enlisted in Forfar and was sent to France on 10/12/1915. He may have been wounded at some point as his regimental number was changed from his original 2946 to 6211. He was killed in action on 13/11/1916.

He was awarded the 1914-1915 Star, 1914 -1918 British War and Allied Victory medals.


The Dundee People’s Journal – Saturday February 10 1917

For their Country


Potter – Killed in action 13th Nov. 1916 2611 Private William Potter, Black Watch, aged 19 years.

He was a brother truly fond,

A friend both kind and true,

A better brother never lived,

His equals were but few.

-  Inserted by his sisters.



The Dundee People’s Journal – Saturday November 17 1917

In memoriam


Potter – In loving memory of our dear brother, Pte. William Potter, Black Watch, who fell in action , 13th Nov. 1916, aged 19.

He has gone, our dear brother,

Sorrow never more to know,

And we are still sad and lonely,

Though he died one year ago.


Yes we miss him, our dear brother,

Miss his happy, merry voice,

For it filled the home with music,

And we trust some day to meet him

In a fairer world above.

- Inserted by his loving sisters and brother-in-law, Royal Navy.  

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