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6834 Private James Wilson
The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders)
13th November 1916


Born on 22/05/1893 at 0940am in 22 Carmichael Street, Dundee, Scotland. His parents were Alexander Wilson (09/02/1870-1947) and Mary Fraser Adamson (1870-1943). They were married on 07/03/1892.

James had a brother Henry Adamson (1898-1898) and 2 sisters Jessie Ballingall (born in 1892) and Marion Blyth (1895-1984).

In the 1901(Scottish) Census, the family were recorded as living at 36 Mains Road, Dundee. Alexander was employed as a jute carter.

James enlisted into the army in 1915 in Dundee as  Private 4110 7th(Fife)Battalion, The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). At some point later his service number was changed to 6834.

He was killed in action on 13/11/1916.


Dundee Courier – Thursday 30 November 1916

 Junior Footballer Falls in Action

Mr and Mrs Alexander Wilson, 2 Malcolm Street, Dundee, received official information yesterday that their son, Pte. James Wilson has been killed. He was engaged in carrying ammunition to the troops when he met his death. Private Wilson enlisted in April 1915, previous to which he was a tenter* with harry Walker & Sons Ltd.

He was a prominent junior football player with Clepington Athletic. He also took an active interest in temperance work, being a member of the Pioneer of Peace Lodge, Dundee. Deceased was 23 years of age.  


*Definition of 'tenter' 1. a frame on which cloth is stretched during the manufacturing process in order that it may retain its shape while drying. 2. a person who stretches cloth on a tenter.

His father was awarded a pension of 7/6 per week from 02/10/1917.

James was awarded the British War 1914-1918 and Allied Victory medals.

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