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6918 Corporal Harry Fraser Pirie
A Company
The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders)
13th November 1916

Hunt9a Corporal Harry Pirie.png

Born on 06/05/1886 at  01.30 in Aberdeen.

His parents were William Pirie(1835-27/12/1889) and Catherine Grey(14/12/1847-04/11/1915). They were married on 28/01/1966.

Harry had 5 brothers, John Grey(06/06/1866-30/06/1928), William Grey(25/11/1869-23/03/1870),Alexander Cook(14/04/1871-30/03/1949), William Grey(24/02/1873-05/05/1914) and Thomas Fraser(14/04/1882-12/04/1945).Harry also had a sister,

Catherine Davidson(02/03/1868-22/10/1897).  

Harrys father died on the 27/12/1889  due to an injury to his arm that caused accidental blood poisoning that took 3 days to kill him.

In the 1891 Scottish census it was recorded that the family was living at 153 Hardgate, Aberdeen.

In 1899 Catherine remarried to George Frain(born in 1858) and the 1901(Scottish) census shows Harry and his mother living with George and his children from a previous marriage at 3 Coutts Court , Aberdeen. Harry was working as a blacksmith boy and George was a labourer on the railway.

At some point in the next few years , Harry made the move south to Dundee, as on 29/02/1908 he married Annie Quinn(12/10/1882-02/11/1943) whilst living at 9 Brook Street, Dundee. He was employed as a Jute millworker and she was a jute preparer.

In the 1911 (Scottish) census, they were recorded as  living at 18 Hunter Street, Dundee along with their daughter,

Elena(born on 25/02/1910) and he was now an assistant overseer in the Jute  industry.

Their son, son John Grey was born on 01/10/1913. 

There are no dates when war broke out as to when Harry enlisted other than he enlisted in Dundee into 1/4th The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders)as Private 5018. I can only summarise that he was wounded on active service at some point due to the lack of records as  

his service number changed to 6918 and he joined 1/7th(Fife)Battalion The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders) and he was promoted to Corporal.

He was killed in action on 13/11/1916.

Dundee People’s Journal – Saturday 02 December 1916


Pirie – Killed in action on the 13th of Nov. 1916. 6918 Corp. Harry Pirie, A Coy, Black Watch, Beloved husband of Annie Quinn.

His King and Country called him,

The call was not in vain.

On Britain’s roll of honour

You will find my husband’s name.

- Inserted by his wife Mrs Pirie, 13 Blackness Street.

His widow was awarded a pension of  24/2 a week from 28/05 1917.

Harry was awarded the1914-1918  British war and the Allied Victory medals.  

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