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       3284 Serjeant Bruce Crawford Taylor Halley
              The Black Watch(Royal Highlanders)
              13th November 1916   

3284 Serjeant Bruce Crawford Taylor Halley_edited.png

Born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England in 1895. His parents were John Crawford Halley (03/01/1859-23//09/1903) and Annie Taylor Beveridge (14/11/1862-13/07/1895). This was Johns second marriage and they were married on 12/07/1894.

Bruce had 3 half siblings, Alexander John (1887-31/08/1948) and Dora (1890-02/12/1891) from his fathers first marriage to Euphemia Ness (10/08/1858-1892) and John McDonald (18/10/1902-1977) from his fathers third marriage to Jessie Morrison (22/11/1861-1944).

His mother passed away after only 6 weeks since he had been born and he was sent to live with his grandparents Alexander Beveridge (30/06/1834-04/01/1914) and Ann Fisken Taylor (04/07/1842-18/06/1921) in Perth, Scotland.  

In the 1901(Scottish) census, was recorded living at Bonnieview Road, Cherrybank, Perth. His grandfather Alexander worked as a builder, stone mason. 

The 1911(Scottish) census still showed them living at the same address. Alexander was now a retired mason & contractor, while Bruce was still at school.


Bruce enlisted in Perth. He was killed in action on 13/11/1916.


Perthshire Constitutional & Journal Wednesday 22 November 1916



Halley- killed in action, on 14th November, Sergejant Bruce Crawford Taylor Halley, Black Watch aged 21 years. Son of the late John Crawford Halley, Liverpool and grandson of the late Alexander Beveridge, builder and valuator and Mrs Beveridge, Bonnyview, Cherrybank, Perth.



Perthshire Advertiser – Saturday 25 November 1916


Sergeant B.C.T. Halley killed.


Intimation has been received of the death in action of Sergeant Bruce Crawford Taylor Halley, Black Watch, grandson of Mrs Beveridge, Bonnieview, Cherrybank. He was born in Liverpool, but on the death of his mother he was brought to Perth when only six weeks old and was brought up by his grandfather and grandmother at Cherrybank. He was educated at Cherrybank School and Perth Academy.

On leaving school he prepared for the Civil Service and received an appointment with the Board of Trade in London, afterwards holding a position under the Lands Valuation Act when he was stationed in Perth.

He enlisted shortly after the outbreak of war and went to the front in August last. Sergeant Halley, who was only 21 years of age, was well known in Perth and was an assistant scoutmaster of the Cherrybank Troop of Boy Scouts.    



Perthshire Constitutional & Journal – Wednesday 22 November 1916

Black Watch Hit Hard

Big List of casualties


Sergt. Bruce Crawford Taylor Halley, Black Watch has been killed in action. … On leaving School he prepared for the civil service and received an appointment with the Board of Trade in London. He afterwards held a position under the lands Valuation Act and was stationed at Perth. When members of the Land Valuation Staff were permitted to enlist, he was amongst the first to join a Territorial Battalion of the Black Watch. He was in training at Bridge of Earn, and afterward at Falkirk and Ripon. While stationed at Falkirk he went through a special course of training at Chelsea Barracks, London. He was a well-built smart clever young man, and his promotion was rapid, attaining the rank of Sergeant within a few months of his enlistment.  He went to France about the beginning of August. Before he joined the army, Sergeant Beveridge was assistant scoutmaster to the 7th (Cherrybank) Troop of Boy Scouts.

Bruce was awarded the 1914-1918 British War and Allied Victory Medals


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