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120485 Serjeant Percy Sydney Patrick Hill

      173rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery

                      30th June 1917

Born in 1881 in Cavendish Square London.

His parents were Arthur Hill,a domestic coachman,

born in Ireland in 1837,who was already a widower when he met Percys' mother,Theresa Page and married her on 21-04-1876.

Percy was the youngest of 4 children,brothers George and Reginald,sister Katherine Teresa(1880-12/1967) and half brother Arthur.

At some point between 1881 & 1891 Percys father died and in the 1891 census,he is recorded along his widowed mother and sister visiting James Ellis at the White Hart Hotel(now demolished in its place is the White Hart Parade) Blackwater,Hampshire.

His mother at this time was employed as a dressmaker,but in later years would become a boarding house keeper.

Percy joined the army and served in the South African Campaign,Zulu rebellion and German West Africa.

At the outbreak of war ,he re-enlisted in London and his dis-embarkation into France was on 28-11-1915.

He was killed in action on 30-06-1917.

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