Lone Tree Cemetery

Lone Tree Cemetery (Spanbroekmolen) is located 8.5 kilometres south of Ieper town centre, on a road leading from the Rijselseweg, N365, which connects Ieper to Wijtschate and on to Armentieres. From Ieper town centre the Rijselsestraat runs from the market square, through the Lille Gate (Rijselpoort) and directly over the crossroads with the Ieper ring road. The road name then changes to the Rijselseweg. On reaching the village of Wijtschate the first right hand turning leads onto Hospicestraat which leads onto the village square. Leave the village square following signs for Kemmel along Wijtschatestraat. After 2 kilometres turn left onto Kruisstraat. The cemetery lies 1 kilometre along the Kruisstraat on the right hand side of the road and is located at the rear of a farm.

Lone Tree Cemetery is close to the Lone Tree Crater, one of the nineteen which were made immediately before the infantry attack at the Battle of Messines in June 1917. Nearly all the graves in the cemetery are those of soldiers who fell on the first day of the battle.
The cemetery contains 88 First World War burials and was designed by J R Truelove.

Lone Tree Cemetery

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Lt F.V.Coupland-Smith

Captain H.Gallaugher DSO

Private W.R. Edwards

Rifleman H. Tate

Rifleman R. Dixon

Rifleman J.E. Gilliland

Rifleman T Millar

L/Corporal A Parker

 Rifleman R Colvin

Rifleman J.McKee

Rifleman E.Rooney

Lt A.J.B.Hudson MC

Rifleman J.McConnell

Rifleman S.Porter

Rifleman C.A.Fanning

Private J.D.Benson

Rifleman I.West

Rifleman H.W.Cornwell

Rifleman A.T.Bird

Private F.Walker

Rifleman A.W.Dryland

Private T.Davies

Rifleman H.Scott

Rifleman R.H.Barnett

L/Corporal J.Harris

Rifleman S Parkinson

L/ Corporal D Currie

Rifleman J Mooney

Private H.J.Brough

Rifleman M.Williamson

Rifleman J.Bruce

Serjeant P.S.P.Hill

Lt C.J.Plunkett

Gunner E.L.Carty

Rifleman R.W.Bennett

L/Corporal R.J.Whittington

Rifleman J.Lyness

Rifleman R.Harvey

Rifleman R.J. Laird

Rifleman A.H.Bloomfield

Rifleman E.J.W.Leaver

Private J.E.Brown

Private T.R.Merry

Rifleman P.Brooks

Sergeant T.W.Watson

Rifleman W.E.McCullagh

Private P.Campbell

Private E.Smith

Gunner W.J.Marsh

Serjeant H.L.C.Page


Rifleman B.Whitehouse

Rifleman F.T.Boulding

Rifleman S.Matier

Rifleman W.J.Baker

Lone Tree Cemetery
Lone Tree Cemetery

Rifleman J.Greer

Private J.Smith

Rifleman R.G.Aggas

Rifleman S.O. Anderson

Rifleman W.A.Shearing

Corporal F.Laverty

Rifleman C.W.Lake

Rifleman D.Lee

L/Corporal T.Logan

Rifleman T.H.Brians

L/Corporal C.Burnett

Rifleman R.Dempester

Rifleman F.Williams

Rifleman W.Spence

Corporal H.Spence

Private H.House

Private M.Finn

Rifleman W.G.Swain

Rifleman E.Evans

Rifleman W.Hawthorne

L/Serjeant T.Kyle

Rifleman J.W.Edwards

L/Serjeant J.Brown

Rifleman T.Craig

Lone Tree Cemetery