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49452 Private Herbert James Brough

  10th Battalion Cheshire Regiment

                  7th June 1917

Born in Congleton Cheshire in 1897.

His parents were James Brough,a silk dresser(prepares silk for weaving) and Elizabeth(nee Dale(married 1896).

He had two brothers Harold and George and three sisters,Edith Mary,Alice and Lilly.In both the 1901 and 1911 censuses they are recorded as livng at

17 Rope Walk,Congleton.

They later moved to 22 Antrobus Street,Congleton.

However for some reason Herbert did not live with his family and from infancy he was raised by his aunt Charlotte(1863-1948).

In the 1901 census,he is recorded as living with his Grandparents John(a silk ribbon weaver) and Edith Brough,

his aunt Charlotte and uncles George and Clement at

15 North Street Congleton.

In the 1911 census, he is still living at the same address,but his grandparents had passed away,so it was just his 2 uncles(both silk yarn washers at a silk spinning factory) and his aunt Charlotte(a house keeper) who lived there.Herbert wasnt recorded as being employed but he would later become a clerk.

He enlisted in Congleton on 10-12-1915 as Private (4417) in the 4th Battalion Cheshire Regiment and at his medical he was recorded as his height being 5ft 9 1/2 inches and weighing133lbs.

He wasn't mobilized until 23-03-1916.

His dis-embakation into Rouen,France came on 08-09-1917 after leaving Southampton a day earlier.

He was posted to the 10th Battalion Cheshire Regiment on 16-09-1916.

He died of his wounds on 07-06-1917.

Even though Herbert named Charlotte as his next of kin in his will, his property of 1 identity disc,1 photo,1 pipe,1 religious book,1 mirror,1 comb were returned to his father on 19-04-1918.

When Charlotte enquired about Herberts plaque and scroll,she was told that these too had been sent to his father.   

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