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 63000 Private Frederick Walker

     16th Labour Company

The King's(Liverpool) Regiment

               5th July 1917

Born in Aston under Lyne,Lancashire on 09-05-1886.

He was baptised on 06-07-1898.

In the 1891 census,he is recorded as living with his father,Thomas Walker(1853-1914), a general labourer,his mother Harriet,who was born in 1853(nee Hall(married 21-04-1873)) at 26 Welbeck Street ,Aston Under Lyne,Lancashire.

He had  3 sisters,Elizabeth Ann(20-06-1878-1947),

Emma(born in1880) and Ellen(born on 10-02-1890).

In the 1911 census,still living with his parents,they are recorded as living at 99 Charles Street,Aston Under Lyne.Both Fred and his father were employed as green grocer hawkers.

On 15-02-1915 he married Ellen Green.

He enlisted in Aston under Lyne and was killed in action on

05-07 1917.

At the time of his death he was actually Private (48448) having transferred to the 81st Labour Corps at an earlier date,though his headstone shows his previous regiment.

His wifes home address after his death was recorded as being

110 South Street Highfields near Doncaster.        

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