Captain Henry Gallaugher D.S.O.

11th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

7th June 1917

Born in Donegal,Ireland in 1886.

In the 31-03-1901 Irish census,he is recorded as living with his father John Gallaugher,a farmer,his mother Jane(nee Park) ,she died in 1902 along with his brother,John Alexander(he died 22-06-1927) at Balleaghan,Manor Cunningham,Donegal.

At the out break of war ,he gained a commission in the Inniskilling Fusiliers on 01-09-1914.

His disembarkation into France was prior to 30-11-1915.

On the first day of the battle of the Somme,all his fellow officers were killed or wounded early.Henry was left to carry on.

He noticed German snipers firing on the wounded,whereupon he shot a number of them.

By the time he had reached his objective ,only 9 of his platoon were still with him.He went back into no-mans land to collect wounded men;later he carried a wounded officer back from the German wire to his own lines.

Two nights later,he formed a party to rescue men who were still screamin in despair in no-mans land.They managed to rescue 28 men.

He was recommended for a Victoria Cross,but did not receive it as the 36th Division had received it's quota,so was awarded the Distinguished Service Order.

He was killed in action whilst leading his men on 07-06-1917. *