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 17/961 Rifleman Isaac West

8TH Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

             7th June 1917

Born in Belfast in 1891.

In the Irish census taken on 31-03-1901,he is recorded as living with his father,David(born1867),a jarvey(coachman),his mother Mary Jane (nee Carroll(married in 1889)) born in 1867,a damask weaver,in Joseph Street(court ward) Belfast,Co.Antrim.

He had 2 brothers,David(born 1896) and James(born 1903) and 3 sisters,Margaret(born 1892),Mary(born 1893) and Agnes(born 1909).

In the Irish census taken on 02-04-1911,the family had moved to 65 Fortingale Street(court ward) Belfast co.Antrim.His father still worked as a jarvey and isaac was employed as a general labourer.

He enlisted in Belfast and his dis-embarkation into France was on 25-11-1915.

He was killed in action on 07-06-1917. 

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