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41426 Rifleman Arthur Henry Bloomfield

       9th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

                      7th June 1917

Born in East Harling,Norfolk on 29-12-1888 and baptised on the very next day.

In the 1901 census he is recorded as living with his father William(born 1842),a coal carter,and his mother Mary Ann(nee Doe(married 06-02-1868)) 1845-1918 on  Kenninghall Road,East Harling.

Arthur had a brother,William James (born 01-04-1871) and

4 sisters,Emma Sarah(1869-1966),

Alice Gertrude(1874-1936),Kate(1877-1955) and Ethel(1893-1975).

In the 1911 census, he was recorded as still living with his parents and employed as a carter,though they had moved to Church Terrace,Church Road,East Harling,Thetford.

Later this year he got married to Rose Lottie Howlett.

He enlisted originally in the Norfolk regiment as a Private(40773) but was later transferred to the 9th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles.

He was killed in action on 07-06-1917.

His widow  Rose remarried in 1919 to Walter J Parker and lived at 11 Newmarket Street,Brunswick Road,Norwich.   

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