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     28730 Private Michael Finn

13th Battalion Cheshire Regiment

                 7th June 1917

Born in Liverpool on 27/01/1884 and was baptised on 03/02/1884.

His parents were William Finn(born in 1860),a Carter and his mother was Hannah Sutton(born in 1862) and they were married on 16/07/1879.

He had 2 brothers,William(born in 1882) and

Harry (born in 1890).

He also had 6 sisters,Alice(born in 1880),

Mary Ann(1886-1952),Helena(1888-1963),

Kate(born in 1892),Hannah(born in 1895)

and Maggie(born in 1897).

In the 1901 census,the family were recorded as living at

11 Tenderten Street,Liverpool.Michael was employed as a general carter.

In 1907 he married Sarah O'Brien(born in 1886). They had 3 children,sadly 2 died,Michael (1907-1907),William (1908-1910) and Catherine(born in 1910).

In the 1911 census,Michael and his family were recorded as living at 40 Ascot Street,Liverpool.Michael was still employed as a carter.

He enlisted in Liverpool as Private(29420) in the Liverpool Regiment before later being transferred as Private(28730) into the 13th Battalion Cheshire Regiment.

His dis-embarkation into France was on 14/12/1915.

He was killed in action on 07/06/1917.

At the time of his death,his home address was

2 Nightingale Square,Hopwood Street,Liverpool.

His widow Sarah remarried in 1920 to Patrick Stamp.     

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